Microsoft: You Don’t Get A Redo In The Prisoner’s Dilemma

One Hit Pixel: "Years of development, weeks of publicising, yet just a few days to completely change their future. The policy changes from Microsoft regarding the Xbox One are not a showing of pride-swallowing, but that the American company is totally disconnected with the industry. Don’t get me wrong, the dropping of the always-on 24-hour check-in and stringent DRM features is great news for gamers and it’ll open up the console to a large market that it had shut out. Yet, Microsoft’s attempt at damage control leaves the Xbox One with a distrustful future."

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EVILDEAD3601999d ago

They absolutely get a redo after getting rid of what would have been the biggest mistake in console history.


ArchangelMike1999d ago

The point is that the whole development and feature set of the xbone was built around always online and DRM. Do you believe that M$ will so easily ditch their primary strategy? Not a chance. This is simply a smoke and mirrors show.

NewMonday1999d ago

still there is the problem of Kinect and the $500 price

its like the first boss is defeated and now time for boss#2

Cueil1998d ago

many of these futures will make a come back on digitally purchased games... it'll be a way MS uses to entice you to buy digital and not buy hard copies... that's my prediction anyway

Grave1998d ago

They are after money. They basically changed their policy to stop the bleeding. I would be VERY careful when watching to see what they make users sign as far as a EULA. I could almost see them reversing again once they have you on board.

GrieverSoul1998d ago

MS is just pathetic. They went 180 because its was a stupid move and they got scared of all the backlash of retailers and gamers.

I wonder how they will justify all the crap about always online is good for this game and that game.

I didnt like DRM and Im glad they changed it but their intention was evil in the first place. They bought the guns, hide their faces with masks and stormed the bank ready to rob it. When they got there, a change of heart and they left without any money. The bad intention was still there! I dont trust them!

darthv721998d ago

When sony faced some serious issues concerning their DRM rootkit back in 05-07 they addressed the situation after the fact:

"Following public scorn, government investigations and class-action lawsuits in 2005 and 2006, Sony BMG partially addressed the scandal with consumer settlements, a recall of about 10% of the affected CDs, and the suspension of CD copy protection efforts in early 2007."

While that situation may not directly correlate with what was potentially to happen with MS, people got over it and still continue to buy Sony music products.

That BMG DRM thing was serious business back in the day as it not only was a way to prevent cd copying by the legal purchaser but it opened up holes in the consumer PC for virus and other malware as a result. That was not the intention of Sony as they were just looking for a way to block cd copying but it took others to find the exploit and....exploit it.

sony fixed the hole by removing the DRM and all is forgiven. So why cant MS be given the same 2nd chance on a product that has not even been released yet?

i could see if maybe it released and they made the change after the fact over public outcry but they changed it before its release and still get no love for trying to correct a problem before it became an even bigger problem.

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DirtyLary1998d ago

A redo? F that. If Sony didn't set the standard at E3 you would still be eating the DRM bs and middle finger to Military gamers.

DragonKnight1998d ago

Yeah, because Sony sure as hell got a redo and never got blasted in the Press with the E3 right? It took years of work for them but one move and all is forgotten with Microsoft? Sure.

Grave1998d ago

It has been a long, tough road for Sony, but one thing is for sure after this E3. They are positioned perfectly for this generation.

DragonKnight1998d ago

Damn typo, I meant the PS3 not the E3. Lol. But yeah, Sony are starting off next gen with a bang.

Geezus1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

ps3 looked dead in the water at the beginning of the last generation and it came back really strong they got a redo when they changed things up. The xbone hasnt even released and doesnt get a redo? they showed a willingness to adapt to the consumer needs and wants by changing the One's policies sure they still got a long way to go to change the tide and win over consumers but this console was announced a month ago and this generation hasnt even started and some are already declaring its downfall? doesnt make sense

giovonni1998d ago

Geeze, it's no surprise. People have been saying Xbox was going to fail for years. So it's only natural that it happens again, that comes off the nostalgia of the ps brand, and the disagreement of Xbox choices in the gaming industry.

Now, I don't agree with everything, but I'm not calling nothing a failure until it physically doesn't meet the demand and is completly taken off the shelf by a company. Also, people need to stop basing nostalgia on the life span of a new product. It's a new dawn, a new day

creatchee1998d ago

Hey you, giovonni. You have a good attitude and speak it well. Keep that shit up! Bubs.

iceman061998d ago

I understand what you are saying, but PS3 was different. It wasn't policy issues that kept people from adopting was price. Price took some time to come down, while Sony worked feverishly to prove the system's worth. MS, on the other hand, just changed the business model of a system that has been in development for years with these policies in mind. I don't condone that we bury the Xbox One before it is released, but as a consumer, I'd be wary in trusting them not to revert back to the original game plan once they get enough consoles sold.

Blacktric1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

"The xbone hasnt even released and doesnt get a redo?"

Even you just called it xbone while trying to defend it. So it's safe to assume that it has no chance left at this point.

Joking aside, I'll probably buy one when its price drops below 250 dollars, gets a couple of good exclusives and if they ditch the mandatory Kinect requirement.

ger23961998d ago

I'm just glad they had the consumers best interest in mind. /s

Excalibur1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Sorry, No redo's, not yet.

1. Make kinect optional.

2. An optional Kinect will lower the price by $100+

3. Admit you were wrong and show a little humility.

4. Fire whoever came up with these draconian anti-consumer mandates to entertainment.

5. Hire new consumer friendly blood.

Do that and your on the path to a redo in my eyes.

Cueil1998d ago

I think in the coming months a few people will "step down"

Grave1998d ago

I only hope Don Mattrick stays just to hear what he has to say next ... lolz

theaceh1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Sadly, customers have very short memories. Microsoft will get a redo, just like Sony got after the psp Go's no UMD drama from a few years ago.

The Great Melon1998d ago

No UMD would have been fine if they actually had released every game on psn at release. The industry has moved forward since then and everything now is released digitally.

theaceh1998d ago

@The Great Melon

Still, putting specific examples aside, the gammers community (in general) has to be the most forgiving and complacent consumer group of all time.

giovonni1998d ago

I totally agree with that statement. The mentality can be very stubborn, and clearly indecisive. The biggest disappointment I have with the gaming community is how over blown certain subjects can become.

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