So, what's happening with Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Far Cry 4?

EuroGamer: "There are three games we expect Ubisoft is making but has yet to reveal: a new Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Far Cry 4.

They're all cooking, Ubisoft's Europe boss Alain Corre told me at E3, but which one's on the top shelf of the oven?"

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Relientk771948d ago

Ubisoft give us Beyond Good & Evil 2

King-Prodigy-X1948d ago

And Rainbow Six Patriots >:(

pr0t0typeknuckles1948d ago

ubisoft screw you how is it that far cry 4 is even in question when you have thousands of die hard PoP fans clamoring for a game specifically an 08 sequel all you have to do is change the gameplay to make it more challenging,you already have a fantastic story,and you have thousnads of fans that want BG&E2,yet you refuse to make these but far cry 4 is now all of a sudden important cause your fans asked for it,BS

joe_thomas251948d ago

I think Prince of Persia could be absolutely amazing with the next-gen graphics capabilities. I think it'll be one of the games that benefits most from the new capabilities.

That's if it's ever made of course.

ab5olut10n1948d ago

Far Cry 3 was one of the best games I played this gen, would love to have a sequel

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