Xbox One Offers a Better Value Now Than Before

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One last month, a lot of people weren’t happy due to its take on the DRM issues and the always-online they wanted to implement on the platform. Following Sony’s E3 announcement that they will not do any DRM or the things that the Xbox One does, many assumed already that Sony will take lead this coming next-generation of consoles.

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TheLyonKing1946d ago

I still think the ps4 has the edge over one.

However it looks more viable now as a product in would by in the future...maybe. When the slim version comes out I would probably get it.

BigFnHooters1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )


The PS4:

* Massive power advantage over the Xbox One - the crazy fast system RAM, the 50 percent more powerful graphics hardware, 2 gigs more system RAM to use for games, none of the Kinect garbage that is running all the time bogging down system performance

Microsoft knows just how huge the performance gap is between the PS4 and the Xbox One and is why they are frantically spouting the 'Cloud' BS.

* The massive exclusives that Sony has thanks to their gigantic first party studio lineup that dwarfs Microsoft's tiny first party studios(that are now mostly casual shovelware focused)

* Support for the PS4 from third party developers from all three major console regions - Japan, USA, and Europe compared to Microsoft's almost complete reliance on US PC ports for 'exclusives'

* Replaceable and upgradeable harddrives

* Small and elegant design compared to Microsoft's ugly and giant box

* The internal power supply in the PS4 compared to Microsoft's stupid giant external powerbrick

* The Gaikai streaming service for PS1,PS2,PS3, and PS4 titles

The PS4 is made by gamers, for gamers.

The Xbox One is made by bean counters, for other higher up bean counters.

It is seven years into this generation and Playstation owners are playing one of the greatest games ever made with graphics many people wouldn't have thought possible just seven years ago. While the Xbox 360 hasn't seen anything but Kinect shovelware and multiplatform ports for the past three to four years.

TheLyonKing1946d ago

edge, plain, continent advantage its still an advantage but this media report has put ms in a good light however they aven't really spoken about this:

The rules apply to games bought as physical discs only, and do not affect games downloaded via the online Xbox store.

"While we believe that the majority of people will play games online and access the cloud for both games and entertainment, we will give consumers the choice of both physical and digital content," Mr Mattrick said.

"We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds."

However, there will be something of a trade-off for gamers.

Microsoft had planned to allow customers to "trade" downloaded games online in exchange for money off new titles. The change of stance means that gamers will no longer be able to do this - something gamers may regret in the future, one analyst suggested


Narutone661946d ago

You forgot to mention that the PS4 is cheaper and that Sony is not requiring us to buy the PS Eye.

Geezus1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

xbos has tv features, and takes multitasking to a new level with snap mode which lets you use two apps at the same time,, also has great exclusives and new ips, new and improved kinect which offers some great upside and can be used for group chat on skype , dedicated servers on all multiplayer games, partnership with most major sports brodcasters to deliver sports content to the xbox, partnership with EA which will yield exclusice games and content as well as early dlc on the xbox, is just as powerful as the ps4 as stated by many major developers like kojima, 300000 new servers to solidify the xbox live experience and again dedicated servers on all mp games which is a fantastic addition and will reduce some of the major complaint we face with p2p games, and teh cloudzzz.

1946d ago
BigFnHooters1946d ago

Yes, the Xbox 360's graphics were so weak compared to the PS3's that its fans were reduced to trying to brag about mostly imagined minuscule differences in graphically mediocre multiplatform titles.

Microsoft knew just how badly the PS3 outclassed the wimpy Xbox 360 in graphics that they humiliating and sleazy low of forcing third party developers through contracts to agree to gimp their PS3 versions down to Xbox 360 level graphics.

And, Halo, best graphics...LOL

Halo 3 press kit "nothing less than a bribe"

Yeah, congrats Microsoft those Halo 'awards' and 'reviews' well spent.

FlunkinMonkey1946d ago

@Orange juice..

The Last of Us, Uncharted and God of War graphically blow anything the 360 has out the water.

Look what happened with the Bluray? You mean how MS are now adopting the same hardware yea? that must be because it was so unsuccessful right? Are you dim?

slampunk1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Whilst i agree with all the points mentioned, the changes MS have made today have certainly made the system more appealing?

As with this gen, if you play multiplayer games such as COD you're probably better sticking with MS...(PS plus is great value though) - Titan Fall, Halo, Gears, First access to COD DLC + Destiny and BF4 etc and IMO better online infrastructure....

Sony is where i enjoy single player experiences and they certainly have some great exclusive content that will be coming too.....Uncharted, last of us 2, GOW, LBP plus many more....

Chill mate, it's an exiting time for gaming in general.....

1946d ago
psyxon1946d ago

lol. OrangeJuice, are you serious man? "halo won best graphics in 2012" - how many 360 exclusives won best graphics? halo 4 and gears1. that's it. and seeing as how gears1 was on pc, it wasn't even a true exclusive. but i'll give it to you. how many ps3 exclusives won best graphics? uc3, uc2, gow3, mgs4. so how many is that for each console? ps3 = 4, 360 = 2. 4 > 2? yes. what game will win best graphics this year? we'll see. i bet it won't be any game on either xbox platform. not being a fanboy, just being honest. you must be in denial to not admit that most ps3 exclusives look better than 360's.

psyxon1946d ago

also, using multiplatform games to do a comparison of graphics is just silly and senseless. seeing as one console is used as the lead, obviously it'll look better for that console. sony tried to innovate last gen with the cell processor, but it turned out to be a mistake. but you know what? they learned from it and went with a developer friendly processor this gen. that will make a HUGE difference this gen. just wait, kids. just wait.

Hydrolex1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

BigHooter well said Big Boy ! Sony has been in this business for a long time... Microsoft was learning how to fix bugs on Windows 95 while Sony was making consoles lol

What I'm trying to say is that, MICROSOFT is a NOOB !

BigFnHooters1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

"sony tried to innovate last gen with the cell processor, but it turned out to be a mistake."


Just how delusional can someone be?

Sony's Cell/RSX based PS3 CRUSHED the Xbox 360 in graphics this gen. The PS3 destroyed the Xbox 360 in graphics so badly this gen the Xbox 360 is the only console in the history of gaming to not have a single game that can compete with its competition.

Gran Turismo
God of War

Nothing on the 360 remotely came close to PS3 exclusives this gen.

The PS3 crushed the Xbox 360 in every single possible graphical category:

* Resolution
* Poly counts
* World size complexity
* Materials
* Animation
* Lighting
* Particles and effects

The Xbox 360 was beaten so badly by Sony's Cell/RSX + Blu-Ray that the only thing it had to try to answer to the PS3 graphical domainance was silly fake Unreal Engine PR shots of Gears of War running on high end develop PCs claiming to be actual 360 graphics.

psyxon1946d ago

@OrangeJuice here you go buddy. honestly, just watch the video. it's so not even an argument.

psyxon1946d ago

uh, bigfnhooters, they ADMITTED it was a mistake. it wasn't developer friendly and it was the reason for the slow start of the ps3. i was all for it, i loved it. i was glad they finally tried something new and different, something innovative, even if it made it harder for developers, that's how innovation occurs. but, admittedly, it was a mistake, as a lot of developers just said screw it and used the 360 as a lead. i don't want that. this/next gen, i want the ps4 to be lead so i don't buy dumbed down ports when i know the ps4 is capable of so much more.

i doubt you even read my comment man. you saw i said one seemingly bad thing about the ps3 and you jumped to its defense.

grimmweisse1946d ago

Clearly you don't know your left from your right Orangejuice. The transition to bluray has already proven there is an advantage to it. It provides excellent read speeds for a high amount of data.

MS didn't think so they would gone with their custom media. Even if you think the ps3 is underpowered compared to the 360 developers proved what can be done in the right hands. You can say halo 4 all you want but there is denying Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God of War, The Last of Us are great looking games and play remarkably.

Sales wise the ps3 has overtaken the 360 globally, even with it's initial price point and slow start. Come next gen MS has it's work cutout. Fact, ps4 spec is more powerful. Fact cloud computing hasn't proven to significantly improve gaming performance.

I can appreciate good gaming on all consoles, but to outright dismiss things shows a lot of fanboyism.

Ju1946d ago

Speaking of PS3...this "tiny" advantages lead to "The Last of Us" which knocks on next gen door visuals. Then there is still Beyond Two Souls coming out, and don't forget GT6 with - a little bit late - but uses "dynamic tessellation" on HW which is physically not able to pull this off (with my best guess is, that the SPUs do vertex tessellation in a pre-render-stage which simply isn't possible without the Cell). I think Sony was a forward thinker, but it is just now that devs find creative ways to harnes the potential.

What do you think what the same guys will do with 600 additional GF on the PS4? I bet you'll see a difference.

And, re. multiplatform...CoD, Destiny, BF4 etc. will run better on PS4. That's just on top of that. It just doesn't have the "legacy" troubles, the PS3 had.

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Tuxmask551946d ago

Value is relative. It's still about $150 too expensive.

NameRemoved00171946d ago

Drop the kinect and lower the price to $350 because the hardware is not worth as much as the PS4 and it would do well.

1946d ago
NameRemoved00171946d ago

Even hardcore xbox fans don't want to be forced to use kinect. Do you see the masses going out to buy kinect? No, it is for casual gamers and the target market for it is families not gamers. So if your going to have a hard core gaming console why the hell does it force you to have a kinect.

Another problem a lot of people have is their rooms are not big enough to use the damn thing in the first place.

nukeitall1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

You people are forgetting something, value isn't absolute and isn't counted by specs.

It is about delivering features and use cases that customer wants, that means games, ease of use, features and so on.

There is a reason why MS consistently was able to charge a premium for XBL Gold, while Sony couldn't really sway users to switch despite being close in price (in some cases cheaper) for the console and PSN being free.

I think as MS starts demoing Xbox One with Kinect in stores, people will love it and will really create the buzz of next-gen featured console.

Tuxmask551946d ago

nukeitall, I agree that value isn't strictly about the specs but also its features. Unfortunately, the minority of prospective Xbox One owners seem to be desiring Xbox One's non-gaming features.

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pompombrum1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

So they've stripped some of the better features that make the console stand out, on the day of release offers somewhat inferior hardware and still charge us more because they are forcing on us an accessory that a large proportion of gamers have absolutely no interest in. Yeah.. the Xbox One offers more value than ever /s

GamerzElite1946d ago

After MS's PR mesh, I am not a looser to buy a XBox One on launch. I am happy with my XBox 360.
My buying Schedule:
PS4 : On launch
XBone: wait till price drop

pompombrum1946d ago

Same thoughts here.. with the removal of the restrictions I'll pick it up eventually but not at it's current price. If they offered a non kinect bundle and lowered the cost, I'd pick one up day one but if they done that, they probably wouldn't shift many kinect units at all.

awesomeperson1946d ago

Exactly the same for me. To be honest, the One doesn't seem to offer me much more than I can get with the PS4 (and that I want).

I just want to see if Microsoft can continue delivering a good selection of exclusive games, or if it will be a repeat of this (last) generation where they had an initial great period, before third party exclusives went multiplat and the first party ones dried up.

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