E3 2013: Madden NFL 25 Hands-On Preview: This is the Madden Game You've Been Waiting For | C.O.G.

The boys at C.O.G. get some hands-on time with current and next gen Madden 25. Get your popcorn ready!

Madden 13 seems to have a love/hate relationship with the Madden faithful. On one hand many embraced the new graphics engine and the addition of ‘Total Control Passing’ was well received. On the other hand some online exploits ruined the game for some and Connected Careers wasn’t exactly getting rave reviews. So when COG wandered on over to the EA Sports booth at E3 last week, they went in loaded with questions. More importantly, they were looking to get their hands on Madden’s latest NFL game so they could see firsthand if some of the issues with the Infinity Engine and those exploits from Madden 13 had been addressed.

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1950d ago
Smootherkuzz1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Ncaa Football demo sucks, I HOPE THE FINALE RELEASE IS BETTER.

creatchee1950d ago

I dunno... They've kinda said this about the last 24 Madden games.

cedaridge1950d ago

AGREE! I tried them both out on ps3 and xbox 360, both suck wit xbox 360 running a lil smoother. No buy for me again.

Red_Devilz1950d ago

"This is the Madden Game You've Been Waiting For" - I thought that was the catch phrase back in Madden 2005

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