Analysis: Microsoft Admits No Mistakes Over DRM Plan

OnlySP: Microsoft may have backed down on their DRM overreach but you shouldn't expect any apologies soon, here's why.

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kennyg37391999d ago

Apology for what,it's not they were putting gun to head forcing us to buy an Xbox One. I don't need no apology.

solidmic1999d ago

They were trying to take away your rights as a gamer and consumer! Fu*king right an apology is required!!!!

Septic1998d ago

Not at all. That's what people thought, but that was an unfortunate bi-product of what they were intending to do and that is to move the industry forward into the digital era like movies have.

The only thing they need to apologies for in my opinion, is their somewhat shambolic attempts to explain their policies.

darthv721998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I get what you are trying to say but you are confusing things a bit. As a consumer, the only choice you have is to buy or not to buy.

there are terms and conditions that come with almost every purchase and if you buy you generally have to agree to those terms and conditions.

I am simply trying to clear up that confusion of people saying "they were taking away our rights." It is more of a privilege than a right.

Not saying what MS was doing was right or wrong but the context that people use to define the situation is phrased incorrectly.

The use of the term "rights" is far to often misused in place of the term privilege. Like how people say driving is a right. it isnt a right its a privilege and once people use the terms in the correct context, it makes all the difference in stating a point.

Muerte24941999d ago

reason why they reversed was because they weren't even selling out of pre-orders in America. PS4 has been outpacing Xbox One 4 to 1. But the internet is still required to initially set it up. So people are going to be taking the Xbox One's to friend's houses to set up their console if they don't have internet.

Mystogan1998d ago

Thats probably only the launch supply. It will probably come with the update in the future.

MizTv1998d ago

If it wasn't a mistake then why did they backtrack?

MariaHelFutura1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

They wanted to do it, the financial apsects detered them. NOT their morality. The were about to be annihilated by the PS4. Which this won't change much, they didn't outsell the PS2, they didn't outsell the PS3 and I doubt they outsell the PS4. Now they just look like arrogant idiots w/ no regard for consumer rights.

Godmars2901998d ago

Except in the States.

We're kind of stupid that way.

testerg351998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

They didn't have to outsell the PS3. MS increased their user base over the original 3 fold, while PS3 is a little over half of what the PS2 is.

Sony fans' view:
"MS sucks, they don't care about the customer because of DRM, blah blah blah."

Before PS4 announcement. "Sony will never charge for online. They will never charge for something that should be free! They care about their customers!"

So Sony now makes you pay for online. "Well the competition does it too and now you get PS+."
But what about if I don't want PS+ and only want the mp online aspect. "Well MS has DRM still." <- LOL

So MS removes DRM as requested, which was the biggest complaint and excuse from Sony fans. "Well it still has Kinect and ummm they changed it because they were losing sales to PS4." Of course losing sales and listening to customers isn't related.

So Sony didn't charge for online during PS3 era because they care for consumers. Now they're going to charge because they see that MS makes money from it. But I know its ok because "MS is doing it too and well ummm...MS still has Kinect".

Godmars2901998d ago

Sony doesn't make you pay for online. They make you pay for multiplayer, whereas MS makes you pay for online to play multiplayer.

Neither one should actually be doing it, but at least Sony, realizing MS's misrepresentation, are more forward with it.

coolasj1998d ago

It's never good to think in terms of fanboys. You can never get a good point across.

StuffofLegend1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

At the same time, the original Xbox was still relatively new when compared to Nintendo and Sonys consoles. Xbox had room for improvement at that time. Simply saying they increased threefold is only good in terms of how MS performed compared to its OWN previous generation, not relative to any other company.

Mystogan1998d ago

The financial aspect is what made Sony play it safe. They knew that by allowing used games they'd make more money.

And you bet your ass PS4 will have serious competition right now.

All they need to do is market the Skype integration and TV features and it will come flying of the shelves. Maybe not this year due to their awful start. But next year when it's out there people are going to talk about how convenient the X1 is for watching TV. And skyping while gaming.

Believe it or not, But Microsoft will surely win this generation(if that is even applicable since I doubt there will be another Gen after this one.)

DEEBO1998d ago

lol the wii u has video chat with the game pad and tvii just not as fancy as MS but it is still there. you don't think a firmware update can add these so revolutionary features to the ps4.MS is on it's third try trying to win a console war.the bills made to the superbowl four times but making it there is nothing if you don't win.

testerg351998d ago

Deebo, the problem with adding it later is they've allotted 1gb for OS. I'm not sure how much is actually being used, but not sure if new features will take more than the 1gb and therefore take away from the 7gb available to the game devs. Also, when its not an original feature from launch, devs normally don't take advantage of the feature.

iceman061998d ago

What you said might very well be true someday. Who knows? What I will say is that the issue is going to be with the message. So far, MS has done a poor job of messaging. I liken this to the PS3 launch. The average consumer saw a $600 game system. They didn't take the time to see (or care) that they were being given the cheapest and probably best Blu-ray player available at the time. This was Sony's fault for not advertising this. MS has a choice, as most gaming companies. Either grab the core with the games, or grab the casuals with the features. It will be close to impossible to get both with a broad stroke approach. As I said, you might be right...but it will come after a price drop, serious proof of all concepts, and far better PR messaging.

ElementX1999d ago

Phil Spencer had this to say earlier this month about the 360: "And through the life of 360 there have been policy changes and Marketplace changes that have responded to consumer demand, creator demand and what’s happening in the marketplace."

So they were doing what the market demanded. I had the One preordered since it was available. The DRM didn't deter me. Do I care if they did it for business? No, results speak for themselves, not the reason why changes were made.

ThatCanadianGuy5141999d ago

Feels good man.MS tried their hardest to dramatically change console gaming for the worse and it backfired horribly.All thanks to the true xbox gaming fans and playstation fans who said hell no and spoke loudly.

To those on this site that tried to defend this nonsense, you're welcome.You can actually own your games now, instead of renting the license.

Mystogan1998d ago

hell no!! you stole the future from us!

Lionsguard1998d ago

A cold, bleak, dystopian future that was controlled by Microsoft then yes we did.

strigoi8141998d ago

nope they wont. Coz on the long run they will bring it back

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