Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Removed from Virtual Store Shelves, Baldur’s Gate II On Hold

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has been suddenly removed from Beamdog and the Apple app store. Baldur's Gate II: Enganced Edition has been put on hold.

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ScubbaSteve3989d ago

Is that the one where Boo has Implants?

luoshuigui3989d ago

I heard the so called "enhanced" edition added more bugs to the original game... Can't trust these small time vultures trying to feast on the old classical games' corpses. The guy remaking this game to push his own DD platform Beamdog, not out of respect for the old Bioware classic.

cunnilumpkin3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

this cash grab is a joke, beamdog is awful and the guy making this, trent oster, is a greedy tool

you can buy the entire baldurs gate collection, bg 1 and 2 and all expansions for way less than this game costs (or use the one any rpg fan and older pc gamer probably already has) and apply a mod that makes it all one complete game and then use the resolution mod to play in native 1920x1080 or whatever resolution you desire

this way, you get the complete game, well over 200 hours of gameplay and biowares best work ever

Nyromith3989d ago

This is the "future" you were saved from today.


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