Snow Light on PS Vita and PC

Snow Light is an indie visual novel for PS Vita and PC.
The game takes place in a futuristic world where nations live in a fragile peace, military conflicts have become commonplace since the rise of private armies.
The player will follow a professional missions of espionage, Snow Light and her team.

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jujubee881945d ago

The more indie love on VITA the better! ^^

sherimae24131945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

the vita is almost have a TANDEM with consoles and other devices when it comes to multiplat games ^_^

ps3 - vita : lots of games in this one
pc - vita : snowlight, starlight among others
3ds - vita : batman origins blackgate
wii u - vita : forgotten memories

the only one left is xbox360 - vita, lol ^_^

jujubee881945d ago

Up next is PS4 super duo TANDEM muhahaha ^O^

xxPillsxx1945d ago

Vita has connection to other platforms,that makes it special. If you hear about a platform, you'll most likely hear about PS Vita from it
PS3: Remote play, Cross-play, Cross-buy, Vita's older brother,...
PS4: PS4's special comrade, Remote Play,...
PC: Not much, Skype, Youtube, some ports,...
3DS: Enemies? Or just friends walking on different paths leading to war?
iOS: Lots of indie games
Wii U: A-like, share the same fate(not for long)
XBox360: Netflix?... lol
PS2/PS1: Ancestors
PSP: PSP's successor, can't mention a PSP without thinking of PS Vita or PS Vita without thinking of PSP
Keep going Vita, you aren't dead, you just didn't want to get in the action so fast!

Honest_gamer1945d ago

cant wait to play this, LOVE me some visual novels oh i'll need to google if they are doing clannad or the infinity series for vita, would love to play Ever 17: The Out of Infinity on the way to uni/work without the hassle of a laptop

Mr-Dude1945d ago

To bad I have to wait untill the PS4 before i can play every PS3 and PS4 game....

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