Did Microsoft's Damage Control Change Your View Of Xbox One?

Now that Microsoft has recanted and the Xbox One doesn't restrict used games, and won't require a constant online connection, will you forgive...?

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GamersRulz1945d ago

still less powerful and more expensive, so NO.

dedicatedtogamers1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I said this in another thread, but...

If I just spent the last month fighting off a robber who was trying to break into my house every night and then the robber one day comes to my front door, arms raised, and says "Whoa! Whoah! Calm down. I'm sorry about the last month, man. I'm not here to rob you. I promise. I just need a glass of water. Mind if I come in?"

Wouldn't it be foolish of me to say "yeah, c'mon in"?

Microsoft has shown their hand. Not only did it take them a full month to finally back down from this, but they spent years developing it in the first place. I have no respect for so-called "gamers" who instantly forget the last month of Microsoft PR simply because Microsoft removed SOME of its bad policies. Then again, I do live in America, The Land of No Self-Control(tm).

And they still haven't reversed some of their policies. TvTvSportsTv is still a major focus of the system. Kinect is still required. Price is still $500. Hardware is still less powerful (due to bloated OSs). And seeing how they'll need to scurry for the next 5 months to completely re-do the firmware, I wouldn't be surprised if we have some rocky software issues for the first several months.

NewMonday1945d ago

MS are half way, this will be enough for many, but hopefully the rest can muster up enough presser to remove the mandatory Kinect and in turn also cut $100 from the price.

Mystogan1944d ago

Nooooo, Kinect should be included. So devs will actually put it to good use. And believe it or not. Xbox One has more features then PS4. It can do much more.

BadboyCivic1945d ago

My friend say it has the power of the cloud. What ever that means.

PS4 day ONE

M-M1945d ago

Lol at the title. The fact that they tried to get us to buy this "used to be" anti consumer box in the first place is bad. Just remember that, they tried to take advantage of everyone's consumer rights.

LOL_WUT1945d ago

The way I see it is for them to even have those thoughts (using DRM) and actually going as far as implementing them on their next-gen console is bad enough for me IMO ;)

But now with the restrictions gone I gotta say the console does seem a lot more appealing from a game standpoint. ;)

Upbeat1945d ago

@KingElixir I have no idea how you have been reported for trolling for what you are saying is spot on, Microsoft tried something to see if the competition would follow and it failed, now they are back pedaling because they had another attempt at screwing us gamers and we where having none of it. Now they are saying they " LISTENED " to us and have changed their plan. So that basically means they shat themselves when they realized gamers were outraged at what they had tried to impose and have went in the same direction as Sony. Should of done that from Day one and it would of protected their image.

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The story is too old to be commented.