3 Months Later: BioShock Infinite

Some games are over-hyped from the moment they are announced, and get more praise than they deserve. 3 Months Later looks at popular games a few months after they've released and the buzz has had time to die down.

In this installment: BioShock Infinite - Does it live up to the almost unrealistic expectations of greatness so many have hyped it up as?

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Sidology1949d ago

Well, our opinions differ very strongly.

longcat1949d ago

the combat system was a bit of a disappointment for me.

Everything else about the game was great though

Bitsnark1949d ago

Quite a divisive game this!

I wonder how I'll find it when I eventually get around to it?

duplissi1949d ago

amazing yet flawed. its not perfect by any means, but the good parts are soooo good and there are many.

Zotaku871948d ago

I completely agree. The good parts heavily outweighed the bad in my opinion, making it a solid title.

Xristo1949d ago

This reminded me to check on the status of the PC stuttering issue. It was FINALLY fixed four weeks ago with Patch 4. Looks like I finally get to play through. :)

TechnicianTed1949d ago

Yeah I stopped playing until it got sorted out. Patched it up and there are no problems now, runs sweet.

And it is an excellent game, it deserves the high review scores.

maniacmayhem1949d ago

The game was good, not as spectacular as part 1 and the combat in my opinion was better in bioshock 2.

Still a good game though and once the confusing ending was explained to me it made it even better.

dedicatedtogamers1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I actually HATED it at first. Now, I'm willing to nibble a bit of crow and admit that it's an okay game. The combat is more varied than people give it credit, but you have to make self-imposed restrictions and challenges to mix things up. Otherwise, it's samey and dull.

The story fell flat for me. That's why I hated it at first. Better stories and better characters have come and gone. I guess I just didn't get swept up in the hype. And I still don't see what makes the story so mind-blowing in people's eyes.

windblowsagain1949d ago

Was a good game.

But the original Bioshock is by far the best.

ltachiUchiha1949d ago

Agreed something about the Big Daddy just made the 1st Bioshock feel more intense & made u have to prepare before u encountered them scary mofos. Kinda reminded me of RE Nemesis. All I remember was, "STARS" & I would freak out lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.