Xbox One DRM Will Return. Microsoft's Long Game Has Already Begun

Alright, so as you know, because the news is literally being reported in a lot of places, the Xbox One online requirement, DRM, and used games ban is dead as a doornail. But here's the question. Was this a New Coke situation?

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SDS Gamerfiend1949d ago


VersaVulture891949d ago

It must be connected, but it CAN BE TURNED OFF! Most of their games are controller based with "enhanced" optional gameplay mechanics like voice commands are sometimes movement based. If you don't want it on... simply turn if off!!!

SilentNegotiator1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I want it unplugged. At the snap of fed fingers, Microsoft would gladly let the government use it. That's the way MS has operated under the NSA for the last 7 years. I don't need to be spied on for as little as googling the wrong thing.

nypifisel1949d ago

"Enhanced" lawl. Makes me think of the past years MS E3 conferences "BETTER WITH KINECT" what a crock of shit!

a_squirrel1949d ago

You should see what the NSA is doing right now. They tell any company to jump, and they'll say, "How high?" because there's nothing they can do. The courts will just order them to.

VersaVulture891949d ago

The NSA could care less about Kinect... They're busy tapping into our cell phones.

WombBat1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

ya, my intuition is telling me microsoft will reintroduce this policy later on in the life cycle. I will bet you anything they will, and they will make it mandatory. quote me.

As an OG xbox fan, i cant trust microsoft. They will do one thing, and then stab you in the back later.

The thing that pisses me off the most about microsoft is their arrogance. They introduce a policy that is clearly a bad policy, but then they delude themselves into thinking theyre doing the right thing. ala kinect, always online, drm, limited games.

as an xbox360 owner only for this gen, i must say (with pride).


greatness awaits!!

P.s. ive converted my brother who is a die hard xbox fan into a ps4 fan. and my good friend.

Maywell1949d ago

Wasted $100 for a rarely-played or turned-off Kinect. LOL

Doctoglethorpe1949d ago

Love this suggestion "turn it off" Right, pay $100 for something just to not use it. No thanks.

Also agree on just plain not wanting one in my room at all, may as well put an NSA surveillance camera in my room while I'm at it. Half way to an orwellian telescreen. Call me a tinfoil, I'll call you a sheep, yadayada, agree to disagree. Luckily its still a choice now, won't be a sunny day when it isn't.

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UNGR1949d ago

In this economy putting the money they did into a peripheral and selling it on the side is a fools route. They sell one with every box and the market is the same as the existing one. It softens the blow, while they can take a hit on the price of the Kinect. You have to understand from a business stand point why everyone has one. Not to mention now that the thing doesn't need internet it might be able to have the Kinect completely unplugged, it's just that some things obviously will require it. Games, apps, certain features, ect. People are looking at this through a little hole instead of the big picture.

LAZL0-Panaflex1949d ago

@ silent negotiator I'm with you. Ever since I heard nsa a couple weeks ago my spidey sense went up and I ain't getting any Xbox product no matter what. I'm even selling my 360. Ever since this IRS scandle my eyes are wide open. They woke the sleeping giant. I didn't say nothin about fast and furious or benghazi,but now I hear they wire tap the associated press(their own liberal news) and using the IRS to target political opponents. Yeah I think its safe to say our government doesn't trust us either.

So no more Microsoft products in my house. Take that planned parenthood ie Microsoft!

Docknoss1949d ago

Its sure is hard to make biased Fanboys Happy I noticed.

LAZL0-Panaflex1949d ago

Its freedom for some and its government surveillance for others. Coincidentally the Japanese company doesn't want to spy on us but the American one does. Grow up ant.

Geezus1949d ago

Yikes this article screams fanboy

Software_Lover1949d ago

Alot of "assumptions" in this blog. But no one will question it.

Transporter471949d ago

if there is patch to take it away isn't there a patch to put it back on your X1


NegativeCreep4271949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I wouldn't put it past them, but if they do resort to such deceitful tactics they'd better expect the Xbox One to be their swan song within the console gaming business.

TheEvilWithin1949d ago

That's what I was thinking... I think this is a cheap ploy to get the hardcore back just so they can force it on us. Remember Microsoft said there not scared to drag the consumer fighting and screaming into the future. This will be back and they will ENFORCE it on us. Remember they also said they need to EDUCATE US. This might be a lesson in disguise for the consumer. If there is a patch to remove there is a patch to put it into place. STILL NOT BUYING THE XBO 1.

testerg351949d ago

You were never going to get one anyways... LOL

So when do you think they would put the DRM back? When it sold 10mil, 25mil, 50mil, 75mil?

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