Will Microsoft lower the Xbox One price to match PS4?

Now that Microsoft has shown some flexibility with its Xbox One, could the company be poised to match Sony's PS4 entry price point?

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JoGam1999d ago

MS say's are you crazy? Damn we just removed the restrictions and now you want a price drop? Lol

jimbobwahey1999d ago

They need to increase the power of the hardware too, since it's so underpowered compared to PS4 that multiplatform games will take a major hit on the Xbox One.

LaChance1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Sony just went from obvious next gen winner to "who knows, it may just be 50/50" in one single night.

The only thing they got going for them now is price and we all know how easy it is to manipuate that.

People dont really care about power, the PS2 and this gen proved that, power doesnt make you sell more consoles, games do.

theWB271999d ago

Tell that to battlefield 4.... the witcher.. metal gear solid 5

Godmars2901999d ago

So, bloody and bruised, you want them to let the PS4 have what's left of 2013 while MS redesigns the XBO and repurposes its production lines?

Yesssss...yes. Make their failure complete...The Dark Side shall prevail...

ginsunuva1999d ago


Yeah, no. More like ps4- 90/10, instead of 100/0

SoapShoes1999d ago

@LaChance, you living under a rock near 1999-2000? PS2 was being hailed as more powerful than the Dreamcast, people were excited and wanted one because of how powerful it was.

zebramocha1999d ago

@lachance the ps2 released like 18 months before the gc and xbox.

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zeal0us1999d ago

They could offer a version without Kinect for $399, it shouldn't be that hard.

McScroggz1999d ago

The Xbox One was literally designed with the Kinect in mind. The Xbox One will not function without the Kinect on a hardware, fundamental level.

ExtoVert1999d ago

ya it should be easy, but you're forgetting one detail the xbox one needs to have the kinect connected to the xbox even if your never going to use its features. Now they can do it but then you're going to need to buy the kinect separately, which im sure will cost more so people are better off getting it bundled.

rextraordinaire1999d ago

Yeah but how are we gonna start our consoles?

Don't tell me... By pressing a button?

I thought pressing buttons was a thing of the past! And... Wait what? GAME DISKS? All those seconds I'm losing by switching game disks because I have an ADD and I can't play a game for more than 5 minutes without boring myself to death. So I won't be able to use my best french accent to speak horrible english while my console is trying to figure out what the hell I'm trying to say?

No, really. A controller is not enough for gaming. I think that's obvious.

medman1999d ago

How's that bs cloud computing angle Microsoft was working looking now? Hard to have "the power of three xbox one's" (hahahaha) in the cloud when many of your customers won't be internet connected. The other strange thing is still having to initially hook the console up to the internet for it to start functioning. WHAT? How many years and how may millions did Microsoft spend in research and development for this console only to effectively and utterly neuter whatever so called "next gen" features based on always online connectivity they were trying to make? Heads will roll over this fiasco. The only question is how many suits will lose their jobs over this mess.

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dedicatedtogamers1999d ago

Yeah, this is wishful thinking, at best. Also, any further changes at this point shows weakness. Doing a flip-flop on their policies a mere 1 month after announcing them shows how out of touch they were and how lacking in long-term vision they currently are (if they truly believed in the cloud and "the future" and in all-digital, they would've stuck with it)

The price is what it is because of the Kinect-required camera. Somehow I doubt they'll toss THAT out, and even if they do, it's yet another instance of them blindly stumbling around.

Honestly, even though I hated the XBox One's policies, backtracking makes them look even worse. Xbox One-Eighty.

dark-hollow1999d ago

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

What you wanted them to do after this major shitstorm? Offer free blowjobs with every Xbox console? They f**ked it up and now they are fixing it.

HammadTheBeast1999d ago

And its pathetic that people are praising them for it. Humiliation last my friends.

malokevi1999d ago

Screw that, keep the price, keep kinect. Stop asking them to cut stuff. You guys are pathetic.

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Excalibur1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

If they are smart they would in the form of removing the mandatory Kinect.

Make it seperate Sku's one with ($469.00)
One without ($399.00)

Let the consumer make their own choices and don't force it on them.

AceofStaves1999d ago

That's what I'm hoping for. I'd purchase an XB1 without Kinect, now that the DRM fiasco has been dealt with.

sarcastoid1999d ago

This. They already said they wouldn't change their policies on DRM and less than a week later they do. I could see Kinect 2.0 starting to go to the backburner now that such a demand for GAMES is present.

SixZeroFour1999d ago

that is another short sighted plan...if developers know that every xbone user has a kinect (since its bundled with all) then every developer can implement kinect features (ie voice command or physical gestures) without a second thought of whether they think enough of their user base has a kinect to make it worth while to implement

AceofStaves1999d ago

True, but since I can't use Kinect for gaming, having a Kinect-less option would get me to buy the system. I won't buy it with Kinect included.

SixZeroFour1999d ago

you cant use? or you dont want to use?

AceofStaves1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

@SixZeroFour - I've been physically disabled since birth. I cannot stand or walk unaided, and I must use a wheelchair outside of my home. And since my disabilities are permanent, that's not going to change. It's also why I never bought a Wii balance board.

So, why would I buy a console with a camera included that I cannot use, especially when said console costs $100 more than the alternative?

Not all gamers are able-bodied, just so you know.

Excalibur1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

How is that a short sighted plan?
By mandating Kinect you have limited the consumer's choice and in effect forced him/her to spend $100.00 more on something they don't want.

Besides that If Kinect is so great then why does the overwhelming majority NOT want it?

If it's so great it should sell itself, it shouldn't be force on the consumer, if you want it then by all means buy it but why would you want to force it on others? because you think Devs won't make sequences for it? talk about short sighted...

I look at it like not only is M$ forcing the Kinect on me but they a forcing it on the Devs as well, is M$ going to mandate to them that because there is a Kinect in every box they HAVE to make features in their games that use it?
So then you just get some tacked on gimmicky garbage thrown into game because a Dev is forced to?

Please tell me how is that good for the consumer?

rextraordinaire1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Screw voice commands, really. Not every one can speak English well enough for an electronic device to understand what's being said. And when I'm playing games, I don't want to be forced to move my arms all over the place. I have quite a tiny living room, and there's really no space for me to stand up between my TV, my table, and my couch. Add to that my dog, a Great Dane, my boyfriend, my cat, and my glass of water, and mandatory Kinect really sounds like a recipe for success now...

SixZeroFour1999d ago

@aceofstaves - ic, but i was talking about kinect features not full body gaming of kinect...i was talking about using voice commands to control ai call outs and body gestures like leaning left or right to dodge and i was talking about features as just that, things that are there that dont need to be used but "enhance" gameplay and user invovlement if used

@exclibur- first off, i didnt claim it was "great" but i do see the benefits of having i said, having everyone have kinect means that developers can implement features that can use it to enhance has the eye, but since it isnt bundled, developers cant exactly take advantage of it completely, they have to consider how many ppl have it and if they will use it, if they dont see it viable, how much support will it have? ps eye is seen as an add on, where as kinect this time around could be seen as an extension...some ppl see it as the same thing, but i see it as one will be fully supported and the other is an after thought

499 in comparison to ps4 is a big difference, but when put into perspective by itself, it isnt a bad deal...price drops do eventually happen as well, and since they are still all going to be bundled with kinect, its still isnt an after thought

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Transporter471999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

No they will not. Unless they remove Kinect.

Drekken1999d ago

I just don't see this happening at all. I knew they would reverse their DRM stance. Kinect is here to stay unless it causes legal problems for them.

rytlok1999d ago

they still need to get rid of that kinect

betan211999d ago

Already pre order still not getting a box even if the price were to drop to $359