Microsoft Backtracks - Welcome to the Console Bore

So congratulations Sony for figuring out that not being a total a***ole to your customers is good business practice, and congratulations Microsoft for eventually realizing that you were going to end up being this coming generation’s Sony if you weren’t careful.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

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Grave2042d ago

Agree. This article is a joke. His BS about the online connection .. ya tell that to 1/3 of MS console users who don't have internet or people who travel a lot (like the military) and'or just don't have proper access or crap connections. To them it IS a huge deal. LMFAO at this douche being a librarian too.

MikeEaton2042d ago

What have you got against libraries? They're organization dedicated to serving everyone regardless of background, financial situation, etc. Do you steal candy from children too?

Grave2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

To give you an idea ... I beat baby seals to death with dead baby seals.

capitanandi2042d ago

This is awesome. But yeah, I heard the news and I thought to myself okay everything's back to normal. At this rate, this generation is just gonna be a carbon copy of the last, and that's fine too, I suppose.

Donnieboi2042d ago

How does keeping used games and not having DRM mean that this generation will be stale and the same?

Did u somehow assume that an anti-used policy and DRM would magically cause games to suddenly be more interesting? Did u think it would have any effect on the types of games we would play?

Was it meant to innovate, somehow?

Please help me understand this baseless logic.

capitanandi2041d ago

Maybe I should have specified, it'll probably be similar to this past generation in terms of sales and general popularity among consumers. I made zero mention of the actual quality of the games.

THEDON82z12042d ago

Fuck this article sounds like damage controll!!!

Baka-akaB2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Screw mediocre writers that'd rather stroke the ego of companies over looking out for gamers and their own readers

MikeEaton2042d ago of the main points of the article was that none of these companies care about the consumer and are simply looking for the biggest dollar. Trust me, it's in there. :)

Donnieboi2042d ago

Welcome to n4g. Where the users judge based on the title, their personal ignorance, and the article's brief description.

Just try not to let it get to you...I know it sucks, but most people are just slow.

Good article btw.

PositiveEmotions2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Lol wut load of crap that is the guy on the site obviously doesnt know crap his just another xb1 fanboy.

Ms also got hacked lol

MikeEaton2042d ago

Nope, I'm a PC guy so I don't have a horse in this race. Nice try though.

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