Oddworld Inhabitants Founder Lorne Lanning Believes Microsoft Will Right Xbox One Ship

“Inside Microsoft there a lot of smart people that know that a lot of the (E3) messaging was the wrong thing to do, but sometimes the freighter you’re on is difficult to steer even when heading for the iceberg,” said Lorne Lanning, founder of Oddworld Inhabitants. “Once a train wreck like this occurs, there’s an opportunity that happens in the company for the people who can make better decisions to be heard and possibly be promoted. You will see a shake-up just for stock reasons. The gamer backlash created the opportunity for the people who are more in touch with the community and they should have a greater voice to repair and fix things.”

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gamerlive2000d ago

Lorne Lanning is a smart guy and makes a good point about issues that still plague Xbox One with indie game devs.

solidjun52000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

They have...for the most part.

SoapShoes2000d ago

They can stop the leaks but there's still a ton of water weighing them down. I don't think this will reverse PS4's lead, the damage is already done.

It's like when a car company recalls cars for life threatening hazards. Yeah they're doing it because they have to but do you think someone's going to think, "Hey they fixed the problems with their cars, lets stay with this company?" They'll more likely switch to another one that seems more reliable or at least look around before considering the same brand.

patsrule3162000d ago

Lorne Lanning and Jonathan Blow have each made one of my favorite games of all time. They both seem to be mad at Microsoft these days. Blow just lights into them, but Lanning is at least sometimes trying to take the high road here. I prefer Landing's technique. Say your criticism, but at least try to salvage some ridges if things can get better.