What Xbox One loses by abandoning DRM policy

XMNR: Microsoft performed a complete reversal Wednesday of its Xbox One policies regarding internet connection requirements and game sharing and trading. While this is overwhelmingly welcomed by the vast majority of gamers, there was a convenient feature and an innovative feature lost in the process plus one very consumer-friendly upgrade for Xbox LIVE Gold that is now completely up in the air.

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DxTrixterz1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Better question is what it gains?
1. Makes people happy. If people are happy they buy the console
2.It has now more than a chance to compete againstt PS4 in next gen war.

mushroomwig1950d ago

Not at a hundred dollars more expensive it doesn't.

SixZeroFour1950d ago

so in other words, the company wins where the gamers could have potentially won depending on how the future pans out...sounds like a good trade off /s

Mystogan1949d ago

The family sharing is removed. Because you could just download all the games from the family cloud and never turn it back online.

That means either the owner loses their game until the borrower Is back online or they both keep the games. Resulting in dozens of free games.

Chupa-Chupa1950d ago

It's still doesn't come with a headset. People have been asking for that too.

Queasy1950d ago

Heh. While I think MS should definitely throw in a free headset at $500. That complaint sits far down on the list behind the mandatory Kinect and price.

bonafide7321950d ago

Im a gamer and i feel sorry for genuine potential xbox one owners now you have a console stuck trying to please everyone
thats not good.. to me this whole deal is a mess

Salooh1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

You said it yourself. It's their fault for trying to take advantage of the people . They need to listen to the most people which are the one's that complained. Before the announcement they thought that they controle the gamers but in reality we have the controle so i hope people don't stop .They still didn't remove the forced kinect which confirm my thought , They have a reason for it and i think it's a political one.