Xbox One just lost one of its best features

Xbox One has lost one of its most promising features and replaced it with something worse.

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LackTrue4K2000d ago

"Booooooooooooooo........ "

Why o why2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Lost one of its supposedly best features but with it lost some of the worst features/restrictions known to consoles.....its a winning tradeoff for gamers and ms.

People wont be so apprehensive towards it and gamers can continue doing what they have been since consoles existed.

Ms aren't quite at the stature where they can define where console gaming goes in such a dramatic way. As nobody was following suit, ms were stuck out there alone and that hurt them both from a pr standpoint and financially if the pre order numbers are anything to go by. I'm glad consoles aren't heading down that path so soon if ever at all. Common sense prevailed in the grand scheme of things but this shouldnt of meant those features still couldn't of been implemented in one way or another.

jmc88882000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Who says they have to lose any of it?

Steam is going to allow shared games WITHOUT Microsoft's idiot check-ins.

Maybe you might have to check-in if borrowing out or receiving something....but if you don't want to, you don't need to.

You see, Microsoft doesn't need to get rid of that feature.

They didn't need these restrictions to have game why is getting rid of the restrictions supposed to end game sharing?

Only if MS wants to needlessly remove the feature.

They could update it so you can CHOOSE what you want. Which is all anybody wanted.

Steam saw it, and is doing it.

What is Microsoft doing?

edit: Disagree for the obviousness?

What is hard to understand people

Xbox One can be a console where you don't need to check in online. But you can have game sharing which will allow people to share your games if you want, with minimal online checks.

Thus you don't need to be connected, but if you do you get the benefit.

...and this is getting disagrees? Wow. Because this is what MS can do...we'll see WHAT they do.

If they do this, then they did it right. If the can it, then they are being stupid.

fr0sty2000d ago

PSN already allows PS3 and Vita users to share their download list by letting a friend log into their PSN account. That friend can download almost every game and install it to their system, but they must deactivate their copy before another friend can download and install from your download list.

Sony allowed this without any bullshit DRM, they just did it. MS punishes their fans for making them drop DRM by removing an enhanced version of that exact same feature, and MS fans cry as if people were out of line for demanding MS drop their DRM...

JokesOnYou2000d ago

You don't get it Steam does not let you share games like X1 would have, the check= a few kilobytes of data was to ensure you are not sharing with 20 people etc, wthout it no sharing. It was far better than being able to trade in a game to save a few bucks.

Panthers1999d ago

This family share plan was never made clear, and I dont think MS really knew how they were going to handle it. And they fact that they are blaming the removal of DRM for this is low. (Essentially blaming consumers who spoke out)

Here is a good explanation.

Bimkoblerutso1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )


I'm totally with you, there. When I first heard they were reversing their DRM and online checks policies, I immediately began suspecting that it might have been because their "family share plan" was simply not going to go over well with third party publishers. If it functioned as they were suggesting, it would essentially mean that consumers would be buying two copies of the game for the price of one.

That would be a more tangible chunk of lost sales than they could possibly attribute to used games.

The fact of the matter is, there is only one kind of DRM that can be translated into a successful, profitable business model: the kind that diarrhea dumps on consumer rights. If you ever find yourself pleased with DRM and licensing, it means that someone is taking a financial hit.

hkgamer1999d ago

"ms were stuck out there alone and that hurt them both from a pr standpoint and financially if the pre order numbers are anything to go by."

I'm not sure if MS can fully recover even after taking of all the DRM restrictions. Got all the bad press at E3 and not everyone will be informed about the MS taking off DRM restrictions.

I actually prefered Xbone having the DRM restrictions, probably would have pushed gaming further along. I don't sell, trade or buy used games anyway so it wouldn't have affected me, but I know others that do. But I still believe that this new structure would have saved them money since they would have been able to play and complete games from their friends shared games list without even splashing out any money.

Devs, publishers and MS would also make more money which would lead to them taking more risks with bigger titles, I'm sure Tomb raider and other isngle player games would have benefited having this kind of structure.

Since quite a few devs feel like they are not making enough money they probably leave the big studios and end up making mobile/f2p games because they could see the money rolling in.

I also like to mention that shared games could work for digital games, but since MS is not making extra cash from the used games market it probably would cost too much money.


The check ins was not for the shared games. Check in was to allow access your games you installed on your HDD from the disk. If it didn't have check in then everyone would just buy games, install then trade it off.

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die_fiend2000d ago

So u still need a connection initially to use it? What about the 30 million 360 users who aren't online? Microsoft says screw u

SuperLupe2000d ago

Without a Live account the 360 is still online, just not allowed to access online multiplayer portions of games.

die_fiend2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I'm talking Xbox live not just gold. So the 30m are people who don't even have a silver sub. And who with the Internet nearby wouldn't take it online at least for silver? So no

Microsoft say 'it is clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds'. Well done Durrrrr Mattrick. Shouldn't you have wanted to give us the best of both worlds instead of your horrific suggestions?

Next step, keep changing your console until its more like PS4 as that seems to be your only correct move in the last 3 weeks

No_Limit2000d ago

Oh please, it is a one time activation. Bring the console to a buddy house that have internet, park your car near Star buck, done. Stop adding fire to something as insignificant as this.

nukeitall2000d ago

I didn't mind the 24-hour check-in and if I did, I would just stick to the PS4.

Instead you all had to go piss in the pool, and cut out options for us others too.

Congrats, you win while f'in it up for everyone else looking for a true next-gen featured console!

We are now back in the console stone age of using physical discs!

MysticStrummer2000d ago

I guess the people who wanted those features were too lazy to speak up about it, while the people who didn't want them made noise.

The squeaky wheel gets the worm... or something like that.

DEEBO2000d ago

it's called options dude.why only do one when you can do both.gaming sharing is nothing new,just something for MS fans to boast about.i guess the ps3 is next gen since it had this feature at it's launch with digital downloads.MS F'UP big time!now they are trying to fix it before it's too late.MS was smart enough not to let pride be their should be happy for them because they were going to fail if they stuck with those BS policy's.

Skynetone2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )


you can download all the digital games your little brain desire's, its called options, and if ms wants you to share them, there's nothing stopping them from doing it

pompombrum2000d ago

Those tears of unfathomable sadness are so yummy! I'd go link the Cartman video but I honestly cba.

SonyPS42000d ago

MS will also sell their games on the Marketplace. You can just buy your games off there. Physical disks are here to stay but they are much less required nowadays.

MrBeatdown2000d ago


But then he would have to fault MS, instead of blaming those of us who refused to support something we didn't like. Where's the fun in that?

JokesOnYou2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

nah nukeitall micro f-ked it up, they were on the verge of something great, but they didn't know how to deliver the message proplerly....I mean Iam shocked that they seriously underestimated the impact that trying to kill used games would have with the avg gamer and clearly it wasn't a MUST to do it in the first place or they wouldn't have backpedalled so easily. I mean if obviously they didn't have much stock in the fight for used games cause they immediately said afterward that they were never getting a cut and it was up to publishers. So if they would have just taken the time to "chalk board" this strategy they would have said, "hey since we are cutting used games, whats on the table that we can give the consumer"= game sharing, so they should have started in the beginning with that CLEAR message, trust me the haters would have hated but xbox forums, twitter, emails, media would not erupted. I was excited bro, now I have to continue buying games the same old way for my nephews. F-cking Stupid Microsoft!

Outside_ofthe_Box2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

You're only saying that because you was defending it to your heart's content, but now that the one you worship went against what you defended for so long since the times it was a rumor, you have no choice but to save yourself from looking like a hypocrite by blaming those that wanted to have same flexibility they have now in regards to on and offline play and being able to sell, rent, and lend a game to any friend or retailer they wanted.

Funny how you blame those that stood up to Microsoft instead of blaming Microsoft themselves for caving in and not sticking to their guns. Looks like MS can do no wrong in your eyes, but it's not like that wasn't clearly evident before.

Congrats to Microsoft for getting rid of their anti-consumer policies! The future of gaming is a bright one!

JokesOnYou1999d ago

JokesOnYou + 24d ago

Well you don't have to read it, its xbox1 news for those interested.

Hey xbox fans lets take a stand too....go on twitter and let micro know how you feel about the used games DRM.

You can also voice your concerns in xbox forums like I have.

-lol, wtf are you talking about I have been very consistent, BEFORE the "family sharing plan" I said I hated the used game drm, other than that I was fine with 24hr checking, Kinect etc. AFTER the "family sharing plan" news was reveal I have said although I don't like used game drm, I'd take it along with the benefits of the "family sharing plan". I dare you to cut & paste a quote of me saying different/with link. That's right you can't so once again you're talking out your *ss.

Outside_ofthe_Box1998d ago


I wasn't talking to you. My comment was directed at nuke.

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showtimefolks2000d ago

good job MS, we the gamers stood together on many of the issues and i am glad you came to your sense long before release. Here is another smart thing

announce another sku for $399 without kinect 2

other than that sony's E3 announcements than their momentum and the concerns from our the gaming community end made MS think about its decisions

I am glad we didn't go into launch like this, again good job and thank you for actually listening to what we the gamers were saying

again another smart thing would be to do $399 sku without kinect 2

Utalkin2me2000d ago

Really? The gamers huh? They truly have gamers in mind don't they. I am tired of seeing people saying this. It's the most absurd thing i have ever seen.

I don't like to call anyone names, but if you put faith in MS....well i am not gonna say it.

showtimefolks2000d ago


i don't have faith in them but in a way us standing together made them crawl to their knees

MS lost my business with RROD and than Windows 8

Utalkin2me2000d ago

Faith is when you tell a company "Good Job" as you did. I have bought 2 360's and never will by another MS product after both my 360's rrod. And that's besides every other operating system they put out is trash.

sAVAge_bEaST1999d ago

I think they were only listening to the Almighty Dollar,..(the only thing M$ ever listens to.) getting killed in the polls and Pre-Orders.. to then PR spin it like they were listening to us.
Kinect will always have to be connected .. It is part of their master plan.. Making super targeted ads at each individual, and making big bucks in Marketing.

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no_more_trolling2000d ago

dumb article
so you want no drm, plus share the same game with 10 people at the same time?

entitled much?

jmc88882000d ago

They were never going to allow 10 people to play the game.

Only 10 people have the option to try it out for a short period of time and only if no one else is using it.

I've noticed some people getting pissed about losing something they never had in the first place.

You and 10 friends couldn't just each buy one game and all together have 10 games to play.

Again removing the restrictions, doesn't affect game sharing.

AutoCad2000d ago

Actually you could of done that.
You couldnt just play the game at the same time.

nukeitall2000d ago

No, but my friends don't ply *all* their games *247*, so that mine I had practically his entire library for me to access almost any time!

Thanks for turning my next generation console into a last generation console. Fanastic!

F'up the options!

theWB272000d ago

Provide evidence it was only portions of the game that could be played. You keep going on and on about steam. .. if you can't provide concrete proof that it was only portions of a game then cease your nonsensical drivel.

jmc88882000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )


I keep going on and on about the obvious, because the obvious isn't absorbed by people like you.

Respectfully the proof is in the steam beta client.

It's on N4G. Look for it.

Nonsensical drivel? Only for the people that are uninformed.

Your standards are nonsensical, this is a message board.

It's common sense what I said. Try thinking it through again.

What online check does a console need to enable SOME people to share games?

Steam doesn't make ME have online checks so YOU can share games.

Now M$ has removed the restrictions, and if they WANTED TO, they could do it like Steam.

If you see facts and common sense as drivel, you are going to have a hard time making it through life.

Here's your proof, it's about the best you ever get on an internet forum.

LoveOfTheGame1999d ago

How are you this fn stupid. I've explained this to you probably 5 times now.

Steam is all digital, DIGITAL, this means when you get the game from them it is legit from the get go.

Xbox was going to allow this also with physical disc based games. With the 24 hour check in it was going to make sure you still owned that game so your friends can share it.

Why do you think sony allows the PS3 digital download to be shared between two people but not their discs?

We can only hope Xbox still does the 10 people share for digital.

Thanks again everyone, you have successfully killed innovation.

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Kran2000d ago

I barely have trouble asking 1 friend if they'd like to borrow my game, let alone 10.

Don't get me wrong, I do share my games with friends.

GiggMan2000d ago

Where is the guy spamming the long comment about people complaining? lol

Blank2000d ago

Hopefully on a break from N4G lol.

mydyingparadiselost2000d ago

Yea the One just lost half of the 'features' that damn near the entirety of the world hated. Boohoo, if you don't like use Steam and STFU.

BabyTownFrolics2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

it just hit me. what if this was all just a conspiracy to soften the blow of MP on the PS4 being tied to the PS+ subscription. MS gets to test the waters for their DRM and Sony gets a distraction from their change in policy. What if MS and Sony are in cahoots on this one?

I'm scared....hold me

before I get lynched I am joking just to be clear

Transporter472000d ago

Go grab your foil hat and put it on... you're way too paranoid. M$ just learn you can't alienate people because Money speaks louder then Words.

cyguration2000d ago

I'm not adverse to conspiracy theories but wow...this one kind of took the cake.

PraxxtorCruel2000d ago

Should we boycott Sony for now charging for multiplayer! Because if anything that was what made the PS3 a better choice amongst Xbox for a lot of people! If we have learnt that consumers can effectively force MS to change its policies why shouldn't we do the same to Sony now? We want free multiplayer! I bought the PS3 because I liked free multiplayer but now they're charging! if we kick up a big enough fuss and cancel our pre-orders we might just see change too!

Transporter472000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )


The benefits of PS+ defeats your little allegation, and unlike M$ which charge 10 Dollars more for less Service, you need to have Gold to even access Netfilx unlike on the PSN.

So you're unhappy because they give you free stuff and all they ask is to support them to improve your online play experience. That's why they are charging as well. Although i do agree that maybe they should of kept it free.

PraxxtorCruel2000d ago

@ Transporter

That's not my point, I don't care about these extra features! I was happy because all I want to is just play the multiplayer side of games I really enjoy without added costs. Now instead I have to pay for extra features I'll probably NEVER use just like with XBOX live, when all I want is the multiplayer. They should've just kept it the way it was!

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