One Thing Sony Can Do To Make The Vita And PS4 Must-Buys

Kotaku - Hey, Sony. Hi. Jason here. I've got an idea that will make you guys millions.

"Millions, you say?" Yes. Millions.

See, what I've learned over the past few months is that the Vita, while powerful, is most useful not as a substitute for what I can play on my console, but as a portable emulator of PS1 and PSP games. I can use it to revisit familiar classics or check out old games that I missed back in the day. Xenogears on the go!

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zeee2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

$40/month!? Are you KIDDING me Jason? Tell me you are kidding! Just tie it up with PSN Plus and you are gold. THAT should be the obvious choice if any.

Heck I am ready to pay more (if it's optional) if Sony were to allow me access to all PS2/PS3 games via Gaikai. Again, only if it's optional.

We don't want people who are not interested in Gaikai paying more money if they don't plan to use it. So they should have different tiers. Like a basic plan where you give us all the current PSN+ perks and then an additional plan that allows you to stream Sony games library ala Netflix.

magus2000d ago

How about bring back old games and updating them like bahamut lagoon or secret of mana.

illtornworld1999d ago

thanks i was gonna post that or an Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core HD! think of that, and many more classics remastered, itd sell pretty good, thats what gamers want. Onto Sony, we have an even better idea than the article. lol