Microsoft’s Radical 180 on Xbox One DRM: The Gamers Have Fought, and They Have Won

Microsoft just officially confirmed the rumor that had been floating around the internet for the better part of this hot quasi-summer afternoon, releasing a completely overhauled policy for the upcoming Xbox One.

The draconian DRM policies that have raised a vocal and almost unanimous protest among gamers have been dropped. The gamers have fought, and they have won.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

BS they aint gonna change their policies.

Edit: If they do dont believe the BS that we listened yadayadayada they knew their policies were retarded and got scared of all the backlash they got... Its still 500 plus games and xbl ect so not a hope in hell i will buy one.

1950d ago
LackTrue4K1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Either way Sony making a stand is the only reason Microsoft back peddled so hard. You can thank them for no fees and no DRM whether you like it or not!!!

(now for my troll comment)

"watch how Microsoft drops the price of the XboxOne, 100 Dollars cheaper!!!"

hahahaahaha.aa.ahaha.a..a.aha ...

I_am_Batman1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

@Orangejuice: I'm glad they dropped the DRM. But keep in mind that they did a U-turn just before they reached the cliff to save their own butt. What I mean is they had to change it or the XBox One would've probably flopped. They tried to screw the gamers for money but this time it didn't work out. They'll keep trying though. That's just how Microsoft is. So don't give them too much credit for ditching their own bs.

Still very good news. Now we're talking about competition between MS and Sony again.

NameRemoved00171950d ago

That would be hilarious if this was a giant lie they started to boost their preorders than after people start getting them they have DRM on them.

I_am_Batman1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

No way in hell they would do that unless they want to get lit on fire by raging gamers. Even MS can't be that dumb.

NameRemoved00171950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I have no faith in Microsoft all of their products suck I don't know how people still put up with their shit especially after what they did to windows with windows 8 and somehow they managed to make a Phone OS that is more closed down and crappier than IOS.

kreate1950d ago

i dont understand.
i skimmed through the article and didnt see any sources. what exactly did microsoft state?

Abriael1950d ago

The link is right on the first line?

kreate1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

that link just goes to another article made by the same website.

after digging through that other link, there was another link that leads to the actual source.

which is a bit of a fail on the website's part.
but whatever.

EDIT: after reading the actual statement, it states that u still need a internet connection lol

but at least its only the first initial setup.

hopefully people keep complaining so that there is no restrictions cuz u still gotta log online.

Ray1861950d ago

They were still talking smack yesterday through. How can I trust that a year from now that all this crap again becomes mandatory. You have already lost my trust so now you lose my money.

I betcha that they will never go first at another E3 again.

fingazblank1950d ago

go cry in your touch pad come november.

omi25p1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

No company in the world can legally come out to consumers and lie.

They would be taken to the highest court and would be screwed for billions of dollars.

People like you dont understand how business truely works.

There is two types of a lie.

There is the half truth Sony told at E3 saying they wont be implementing DRM. There is DRM Its just not a 24 hour check in and its up to the choice of Game Publishers. This poses no legal threat to Sony and they cant be taken to court.

Then there is a complete an utter lie that you are accusing Microsoft of making. Saying they're console will have no DRM, no 24 hour check in ECT. When in reality there is, Would cause Microsoft to be able to be sued by pretty much everyone on the planet.

Consumers have the LEGAL right to be told EXACTLY what they are buying. It is literally against the law in Europe, The US ect for a Business to completely lie to the consumers about a product.



If people would stop being stupid and look at it from a logistical and business stand point, What would be the purpose of spying on you and how would they do it.

For every single XBOX 1 user Microsoft would need one or two employee watching that one user 24-7.

So for 100 million users MS would need 100 million employees, sat watching a screen with a live stream from the X1. This would cost BILLIONS of dollars with absolutely no profit.

Then 99% of the footage they would see would be users sat there. Playing games or watching tv.

So for a loss of BILLIONS of dollars, and millions of hours of utterly useless footage Microsoft can successfully spy on us all

Nafon1950d ago

That's why i think the people that believe the kinect is going to spy on Xbox users are really dumb lol.

I_am_Batman1950d ago

@Nafon: So do you think that people that are aware of the risks of the cyberspace are dumb. Have you watched the news lately? Facebook, Google, and pretty much every major online company stores data about you on their servers. The gouverment can get all this data if they feel like it. We don't need to give them more tools to gather information by putting an always on mic and camera in our living rooms.

I'm not saying that there will be always someone watching you. But you give them the option to do so.

jmc88881950d ago

That's why I think people who have used a search engine but can't think of how Microsoft and the NSA can filter the results are a moron.

Simple fact is....

Google didn't start off as a search engine. The algorithms were originally an NSA voice to text spying program.

Then they learned they could switch it from pulling text from audio to pulling text from webpages.

So what do they do when they want to find something out about you?

They google it.

Wow, so hard.

WeedyOne1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

You wouldnt need "100 million employees" to spy on you...

All you would need is smart software with a powerful camera that can distinguish and identify specific items and people.

Oh wait Microsoft is a software company with a camera capable of and i quote microsoft here "rocket science level stuff".

The software could be automated to form graphs in trends or even build personal profiles of things you have played or items you have bought. There certainly would be money in selling this type of information.

It probably doesnt though.

omi25p1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )


So if for example the algorithm is designed to listen out for people talking about hacking the console or worse committing terrorism. How could it be possible for it to distinguish TV shows, Games, Films and even people talking about said things.

So for example people watching TV shows like HOMELAND which is about terrorism, Whats to stop all the alarms kicking off and having a swat team kick in your door.

It simply isnt logical and will never be put into place. You would either need some sort of Super AI similar to the likes of GlaDos, Or have Millions of employees monitoring.

Neither of which is possible.

WeedyOne1949d ago


I'm pretty sure the Kinect 2 can distinguish YOUR voice from others around you, its one of the key features of the device! I don't think the algorithm would be used to detect terrorism anyways lol, there isn't money in detecting that sort of stuff. But it could easily be used to build marketing profiles about you.

It is VERY POSSIBLE, just unlikely.

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Nafon1950d ago

The amount of people that are agreeing with this just shows how many more diehard PS fanboys there are on this site than xbox fanboys LOL.

jimmywolf1950d ago

ignorance is bliss

ill support the system with less controversy

Sideras1950d ago

Don't matter, you'd be an idiot to suddenly like microsoft after their complete incompetence surrounding them these past months. The sheer arrogance and complete bullshit against consumers should not be forgiven.
They aren't trustworthy and they don't give a damn about their consumers.
So by all means people, do buy their shit, but know that when the console industry crumbles you were the parasites that gnawed away at it.

manny1up1950d ago

I agree completely, it hasn't swayed my mind. There's no assurance they won't just build up a big costumer base before they reintroduce the anti-consumer policies..As a 360 owner am opting for PS4 , No amounts of Games / Exclusives Will altered my decision .

rela82me1950d ago

People will never stop complaining, I can guarantee that. Whats next on the list for PS4 fanboys:

1) Their hair will be messed up by their "always -on" tinfoil hats because of fear of the kinect.

Even though multiple reports have stated functionality of the kinect can be turned off. And the kinect is now not just for gimmicky games, it is actually used for various features of functionality. They still will send all video game rants to Obama to tell him your a future terrorist because you got mad at a kid and said you would bomb his house. "Xbox My Mom's a Terrorist Arrest her"

Lets not forget that the xbox isn't catering 100% of it's system to the games that don't utilize and never will utilize 100% of the hardware. We can easily assume that the xbox one will have no chance with their "inferior graphics" because it just will okay guys. Trust in the Sony fanboys they KNOW the graphics will be 50% worse than the 'xbone' because they just do; despite the game demos on stage.

I don't want to handle multiple tasks at a faster rate! I am a Gamerz!11! And I do NOTHING but game. I never use my console for videos, internet, music, social media, interacting with friends, and or having drunk chats with minors!

Oh boy lets get on those EVIL microsoft execs for using a stable platform for their product so they didn't look worse from their already PR nightmares. We all know that Sony's devkit worked flawlessly... How dare them not show a completed product at a show meant to preview hardware 5 months away.

How dare they make changes based on consumer response. We dont WANT to like the console GEEZ! It makes the justification of me buying a PS4 easy!

Gee Willikers guys, this has less stuffz on the inside and cost more! Despite the network and software advantages that MS has held for the past 10 year; hardware is the ONLY factor in price now'a'days. We all the software in the world is NOTHING without decent software.

We all know that this 2 free games a month thing isn't going to last forever. This means that now that sony and ms both charge for online we can justify the similar pricing for online service with free games. Despite the various functionality features that are more stable and secure on MS they still don't give free games away. Even if they do, we have had it for longer so ;P

Eh we don't want you "Titanfall" or your stupid "Quantum Break." We have sent out prayers to Naughty Dog and they will save this console all by themselves! One uncharted game totally defeats any and all games that xbox has ever and will ever produce DUH!!

I'm sure there are more things but as we can all see Microsoft is the next Doom-Box 180. We should all start a charity for the grace the Sony has bestowed upon us.

jmc88881950d ago

Yeah...looks like your brain is fried because you didn't wear that tinfoil hat to protect you.

Yeah because you keep up with the facts we should join with your 3rd grade attitude about being bent over and exploited.

You people are the worst. You don't know nothing. Don't care to know nothing. But assume it can't be happening. Then try to make fun of someone.

Really in the process all you did is show people that tools aren't just sold at Home Depot.

jmc88881950d ago

Sure, MS says TRUST US!

When they were the FIRST company to align themselves with all the wiretapping going on.

jmc88881950d ago

We haven't won yet.

Still mandatory Kinect intergration.

Get rid of that and we have won.

We've only stormed the beaches of Normandy.

Now we have to drive 'em back to Berlin.

Oh and besides all the NSA and Microsoft working together to screw you over that's been in the news (that the ignorants never read)'s a good example of what such things can do.

..and just remember, the NSA doesn't sit somebody down and have the watch all the videos.

They literally use google.

Aceman181950d ago

all i can do is SMDH at the back and forth mess going on here. today was a good day for consumer rights, and if anyone can't see that then i don't know what to say.

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SynGamer1950d ago

Too little, too late. This should have never been a policy to begin with. My money will be staying on my PS4 pre-order.

Abriael1950d ago

Mine too, at least at launch (i'll have to buy both for work, sooner or later), but it's good nonetheless to see that even "big microsoft" can be pushed around.

SuperLupe1950d ago

XOne for me first. PS4 later.

I felt so torn between the two: Xone for the games, PS4 for the freedom.

Now I can get the games + the freedom.

Damn MS should have announced this at E3, like at the beggining of the show then pursue with the program they had prepared. Sony would have been KO before the show was even over.

Conzul1950d ago

LoL, aligning M$ with games.
People like you don't learn from history, now do you?

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SuperK1950d ago

Hmmm really? If this is true then its a big day for gamers.

CaEsAr-1950d ago

They didn't listen, they only did that because PS4 is kicking there [email protected]$ in preorders. They would have changed the policies on E3 if they listened to their fanbase.

SegaSaturn6691950d ago

That's right. And who knows if they'll do a 180 and change their policies again later.

Conzul1950d ago

Guarantee the fine print of the EULA they dole out will allow them to do this somehow.

Abriael1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The fact that they didn't "listen" is really irrelevant. Gamers spoke with their wallets, and Microsoft had to adapt whether they wanted to or not. Preorders are exactly that, gamers forcing Microsoft to bend down and take the hit by speaking with their wallet.

And that's what they should do more often.

MisfitsInc1950d ago

i still have no desire to own an XB1. the fact that Kinect is still required is a deal breaker

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