Will you buy Xbox One over PS4/Wii U after changes with Xbox One's anti-consumer policies?

With the news that Microsoft has repealed their controversial Xbox One policies, Gimme Gimme Games writes about whether this helps them against the PS4/Wii U.

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NYC_Gamer1951d ago

I always wanted to buy PS4 & X1 and this change of policy makes that decision easier

JoGam1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

PS4 day one.

I'm glad MS changed their policy but all that cocky ish they was talking like saying we don't need to change our policy when it was clear from the beginning consumers didn't like it. Then they release a statement saying we are listening to our customers and we hear u loud and clear. Lol. More like shit, our customers aren't buying our consoles. Then EA and Activision calls them and says look, yall better do something quick or we will find a way to sue the hell out of yo ass. Lol

gaffyh1951d ago

Not at launch, but maybe next year because there are no games at launch that I would like. I still don't trust MS so I would like to see how it goes.

BDSE1951d ago

I agree, I think fair play to MS for listening to consumers but I guess that they had no choice really. I'll be getting a PS4 day one because its cheaper and theres no mandatory camera, what MS tried to do has left a sour taste in the mouth. The announcement also shows up "the powerz of the cloudz" bollocks for what it actually was, the contempt that MS has for gamers and our intelligence is so blatant that it reminds me of Sony in 2006.

I'll be sitting the XBONE out for a good few years as I just don't trust Microsoft over this.

-EvoAnubis-1951d ago

Agreed. It's great that MS changed their stance on this issue, but you can't really unring this bell. MS tried to change the gaming industry to something that they wanted, not what we gamers wanted. Sony may have made some mistakes along the path, but they ALWAYS put gamers first.

darthv721951d ago

but it didnt affect my decision to buy both. i had already planned on doing so to go along with my wii-u.

I like to buy all the players in a console gen. always have, always will.

greenlantern28141951d ago

yup sounds like that is what happened, ps4 day one xb1 maybe some time next year.

LOL_WUT1951d ago

I already bought a Wii U the PS4 is coming next and i'll maybe get to the X1 later on but I don't fully trust Microsoft ;)

JoySticksFTW1951d ago

PS4 X1 right here :D

Now people are pissed that features were taken away. Too bad. I value my rights over a few features.

But the real question is, will those Xbone drm apologists that were touting these great advantages and features of the future skip the x1 now?

Their loss, I guess

FATAL1TY1951d ago

More Power
Better Exclusives
Better design
No Kinect
PS Plus

DA_SHREDDER1951d ago

The only way I'll buy an xbone is if phantasy star online is on the system and on no other console.

badz1491951d ago

I play multiplats on my pc anyway as it's not like I've spent $1000 for it for nothing.

most of my PS3 games are exclusives and I didn't buy the 360 because the exclusives are not my cup of tea. hey...don't blame me for not liking Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza! Free online was what made me stick with the PS3 too.

now that both next gen systems will be pay-to-play online model, free online is no longer an issue but there's still this huge catalog of free games coming with PS+ remains as the very reason to stick with the PS4! that alone might hold me up from getting another console because admittedly, I don't have enough free time to finish all my games and I still have huge backlogs!

and then it comes down to exclusives and so far, not much I'm interested in the Xbone yet accept maybe Quantum Break. I'm not gonna buy a console for 1 game though.

but I have no more reason to hate or bash the Xbone as the DRM was the only issue for me. Gold was my issue with the 360 but time has changed and Sony is on the same boat now although seems a whole lot better with the promised free games every month.

all I want to say is, all the best to the Xbone next gen. it would really suck if Sony has no real competition.

Sono4211950d ago

PS4 for sure.. I mean if you like gaming it's only obvious.
1. Cheaper
2. More power
3. Required pay service offers more (PS+ vs. Live)

Games are all opinionated so i'm not going there, but the PS4 is definitely a day one for me and i'm even getting a Wii U next year for the next Smash bros, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World.

Also now that Microsoft announced no more DRM and such i'm probably going to get an Xbox One later down the line as well, probably after a price drop.


PS4 is still going to be my first next gen console, their message is clear (I'll wait to see how exactly MS re-introduce their politics for us or at least give it sometime to see if it sticks to no-DRM, so far each PR has been saying something just be contradicted by another) and it looks like a better gaming machine in general anyway, I even took the plunge and already traded my PSP for a Vita just so I can enjoy everything PS4 has to offer.

But that doesn't mean the Xbone already lost me, MS made the right move and definetelly got back my interest, if it keeps restrictions to reasonable level and enough exclusive games come down the road, I'll have a Xbox One too, why not?

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President1951d ago

The PS4 is still cheaper and doesnt require Kinect.

Kevlar0091951d ago

Saving $100 while still getting an amazing system sounds too good to pass up. I feel like interest in Kinect will affect a lot of purchases (I could care less for it, which makes PS4 more desirable to me)

NatureOfLogic1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Well me personally I won't be supporting MS. They tried to persuade me with shill, lies and paid content. I won't being supporting them this gen, maybe the next gen If I see a great enough change. They have a whole gen to convince me. MS changed under pressure of the competition, retailers, pre-orders and poll predictions. They continued to lie and ignore gamers until they no longer could.

Dee_911951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Yea I feel you on that point.They will say they changed because of the consumers, but not the way we think, in reality they changed to get the consumers who wasnt buying their crappy policies to buy their console, so in a way they really changed for the consumers lol
maybe I will just buy a used XBox One lol
I cant miss out on them games.

piroh1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

it´s not only this anti-consumer policy about borrowing and selling games

higher price
weaker specs
mandatory kinect
mandatory internet connection
NES design
TV focus (USA only)

i am sure there are some people interested in X1 exclusives, anyway MS should fix this s..t

Donnieboi1951d ago

I won't be buying an Xbone either, but just to be fair, they are eliminating the always-online (DRM). Let's tell the truth.

I Still hate MS with a passion and think they are corporate devils.

piroh1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

now i read it they are eliminating DRM, congratulation

even if they drop just recently announced 10-person family sharing plan

Destrania1951d ago

Always online drm, yes, but you still need an internet connection to activate your console.

Triforce0791951d ago

For me Nintendo and Sony will have the best 1st party support obviously Nintendo's will be the best but these 2 consoles will hands down will be worth your cash.

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Monkeysmarts1951d ago

Definitely not buying an Xbox One over PS4, but I was hopeful that MS would come out with something strong... I wanted to like the next Xbox, but they made it really easy to hate.

The policy changes definitely make me interested in buying one again. But first things first.... PS4 already paid for. If MS holds true to these changes, I will probably pick up XB1 in 2014.

rainslacker1951d ago

I'll still be getting a PS4 day one. I've decided to wait and see with the X1. I like that we are allowed to have ownership of our discs now, but something about the past few weeks just rubbed me the wrong way.

That's kind of how I felt about the 360, although it was more my views of MS as a whole, and by the time I was ready to get one, I just didn't see it worth it anymore given the price.

MysticStrummer1951d ago

I've always been a one console per generation kinda guy, and PS has been my go to console since PS1, so no.

I'll stick with PS until they chase me off with bad games, and by bad I mean ones I don't like, not ones with bad reviews or sales.

Policy changes could chase me off too, but until that happens I'm a PS gamer.

Tong1951d ago

I dont trust MS though. They might change the policy back after a year or two after release.

Cuzzo631951d ago

Hmmmm. So the powaz of tez cloudz does not need an always internet connection.... so I guess the cloud really is smoke n mirrors

smokelocc1951d ago

I agree 100 percent, I was going in for both PS4 and Xbox One. I was on the fence about xbox one, but im willing to try anything. After todays xbox one news, im sold xbox with no doubts. So now all in for next-gen!

Mounce1951d ago

4 > 1

It hasn't changed.

Maybe the xbox fans will start saying: 180 > 4. rofl.

salva211950d ago

360 > 3?
But that was stupid to say, right?

Mounce1950d ago

@salva21 - Yes. Because there still needs to be evidence/reasoning as to why that number is better in a manner, Outside of simply "Its a greater number" :P

360 - King of timed exclusives and leader of COD players and Shooter-genre games. Is what I see.

Psn8001950d ago

Mm hard one I usually buy all the consoles but I have the Wii u & there're really nice people on the Wii u but I'am getting a Ps4 , the Xbox one no for me because it's too expensive & when you have a family it's hard with my son wanting a Ps4 & I want one it's kind of difficult to get them all but I will get two Ps4's yeah .

Jaces1950d ago

PS4 day one, and Xbone sometime in the distant future I'm sure. WiiU I probably will as well seeing how the new SSB is on the way!

LiberatedAnimal1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Wii U+PS4=Gaming Bliss

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GreenRanger1951d ago

If they make Kinect optional on the Xbox One, i'll get it.

PS4 already pre-ordered.

fossilfern1951d ago

Yea if kinect goes id get an Xbox one. Thats if a price drop comes along with the kinect removal

friedricr1951d ago

Never had any intentions to even buy the Xb1 .. good on them for the policy change ...tho ..

MysticStrummer1951d ago

Indeed. I'm happy for our MS gaming cousins.

: )

NameRemoved00171951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

PS4 for me, buying an xbox one isn't in my interest at all and half the "exclusives" will end up with PC ports anyway when the devs sales aren't as good as expected.

Drop the kinect and the $500 price tag down to $400 and Microsoft might still be lucky enough to sell half the amount of PS4s that Sony is going to.

Blackdeath_6631951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

if they had sold kinect separate the XBone would have been alot cheaper and they would have made a bigger profit margin on both the console and the kinect for people who actually wanted to buy it. i mean that just seems self explanatory to me. then all they would have to do is release many great and ORIGINAL games for it and they are on the right track in that regard

ChozenWoan1951d ago

kind of hard to release great games when you spend an entire console gen closing studios and restricting indie developers ability to publish games on your platform.

Sony on the other hand has the largest number of 1st party studios, best indie support, and they have shown that they are committed to supporting their consoles for well over 10 years.

Xb360 will be the first MS console to see 10years of support come 2015, and I doubt it will see many days after that. The PS2 is in it's 13th year and Sony is going to support it till later this year.

This is why I'm getting a PS4.

Neoninja1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I had already planned to get all of them! Yes I'm a greedy imbecile lol.