Xbox One : Microsoft drops "10-person Family Sharing" plan

Xbox One : Microsoft drops "10-person Family Sharing" plan

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maniacmayhem1951d ago

Not a problem.

Gamefly and Redbox saved!

NYC_Gamer1951d ago

I'd rather that feature be dropped since X1 no longer supports drm.

Cmk01211951d ago

Yay now I can pay 20 a month to rent games instead of splitting costs with friends and utilizing steam like feature... This sucks

malokevi1951d ago

All because a bunch of vultures couldn't manage to shut up. fantastic.

FunAndGun1951d ago

You are welcome.

Someone has to tend to the sheep.

HammadTheBeast1951d ago

You do realize of those 10 only 2 could play at a time, one online? And don't worry, the always on Kinect and mic are still there to listen to your problems.

Winter47th1951d ago

"And don't worry, the always on Kinect and mic are still there to listen to your problems"


greenlantern28141951d ago

no ms just realized and you should to that cutting out potentially 50% of your consumers is a bad business plan.
also their family share plan would have hurt game sales which would have made devs and publishers upset. me and ten friends could just go into a game sharing pool and instead of selling 10 games 10 times they sell 10 games period

Salooh1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Sorry , Hammadthebeast beat me :P .

brish1951d ago

"All because a bunch of vultures couldn't manage to shut up. fantastic."
- malokevi

I have to assume you're talking about Microsoft and them trying to take away consumer's rights.

You can't seriously blame consumers for being vocal about having their rights taken away.

Mounce1951d ago


As Anonymous usually tell the casual-people....

"We're fighting everyones' battle while you're still sleeping - You're welcome"

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Noami1951d ago

i wonder how much money they had lost by just droping the DRM system it self w the research and dev cost

even tho its there and they can deside to turn it on at any given time..but yea if they neve do turn it on again i wonder how much loss they had

whoyouwit041951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Dam whiners ruined everything, that was a fair trade for 24 hour check ins in my opinion. I hope they find another way to use it.

SpinalRemains1951d ago

Its called Gamefly.

17 a month will save you thousands of dollars a year. No rules.
No restrictions

SixZeroFour1951d ago

restriction 1 - you need to live in the US

Heartnet1951d ago

restriction 2 cant play xbox one exlcusives

jimmywolf1951d ago

thousands of dollars a year renting a game ..... would edit that too say Hundreds

BABYLEG1951d ago

I agree wholeheartedly

SpinalRemains1951d ago

Who cares.

Anyone fooled by that was seriously brain damaged.

Heartnet1951d ago

Loll rights..... nah id prefer the convienience

Dlacy13g1951d ago

the loss of sharing and no disc in drive needed does suck...but overall the good of this reversal out weighs the bad.

GusBricker1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Yeah, I was looking forward to instantly switching between games. That was going to be an awesome feature.

BlindGuardian1951d ago

you can still do that if you buy all your games digitally

Dlacy13g1951d ago

@BlindGuardian... very true. Digital future via buying all games via download.

rainslacker1951d ago

So I'm a little unclear on this. Can't you still do that if you check in every 24 hours?

Dlacy13g1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

nope they are killing the whole program as a response. The disc is the disc once with it as you will.

rainslacker1951d ago

Ah, thanks, Read that and must of missed it. Guess it makes sense though. One person who plays online can install the game, then pass it off to someone who doesn't play connected.

Wonder if the game will still install onto the hard drive and just use the disc as verification that you own the product. Seems the hard drive install was an integral part of the system. Maybe it'll be optional for the dev now.

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