Microsoft’s Band Aid That Is Reversing Xbox One DRM Policies

Dave Walsh of looks at Microsoft's flip-flop on their DRM policies for the Xbox One and how it is too little, too late with consumers already mistrusting of them.

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NYC_Gamer3396d ago

I went from only buying PS4 to adding X1 to the family based on the change of policy

iGAM3R-VIII3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

You'll still need an internet connection to set up your Xbox One console, but after that you can "play any disc based game without ever connecting online again".

Kotaku reports that that one-time internet setup procedure will involve downloading a day-one patch that enables the offline mode.

This is basically the same thing so unless you have an internet connection, it will still not be possible to play this. I was hoping that it was already installed on the X1 itself but I guess not. Just imagine the size of this update.

Essentially, the console is still always online unless you download the update which means if you still do not have an internet connection, it is still useless.

Because of that I am still getting the PS4 but my doubts on the X1 have changed but I need the update pre-installed.

NYC_Gamer3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Yup,i'm sold on both consoles since won't have to worry about drm...I have always said the restrictions were the only thing keeping me from supporting X1.

malokevi3396d ago

Seriously, buddy? seriously?

What person can't access the internet ONCE during setup...

that is FAR FROM always online.

Just give it a rest.

OC_MurphysLaw3396d ago

@iGAM3R-VIII how can you say as you type on this very website that a one time internet connection to a console would prevent you from getting it? Makes ZERO sense given you CLEARLY have an internet connection.

darthv723396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

you will still need an internet connection to get the most of the ps4 as well.

Who really buys an internet appliance without internet? you just dont see many people doing that these days.

There are more people with than without. that is a statistic that both sony and Ms know all to well which is why they built their platforms to cater to the connected consumer more than anyone else.

Every comment from sony about not requiring internet is always followed up with "but there is more benefit when you are connected". that should show their dedication to supporting an online infrastructure outweighs their offline stance.

Now it looks like both will support offline play.....but i dont think many will really be offline with these systems. This gen is all about connecting and being connected to others.

edit @below...funny you say you arent talking about yourself when the last part of your initial statement reads:

"Because of that I am still getting the PS4 but my doubts on the X1 have changed but I need the update pre-installed."

that makes you the center of your argument. If you were concerned about others without internet you would have phrased the entire post differently. And your doubts on the X1 havent changed. you are just trying to deflect the issue while the doubts remain right where they always were.

just be honest, people would respect you more if you said how you really feel.

iGAM3R-VIII3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

@people above me

LOOL I am not talking about me! I am talking about the people who still do not have an internet connection.

I am getting the PS4 and XBox One, infact I just pre-ordered the XBox One after hearing this news! I am hoping to get Project Sparkz on the XBox ONe and same for Forza 4, so I get the best of both worlds from each console.

I wonder if I can blug my PS4 into my XBox One so I can simutaniously play each console game to game!!!! So I can play KIllzone and FOrza 5 at the same time, BRILLIANT!! Has anyone else thought of this?!?! lool

PS4 and Xbox ONe day 1 baby, can't wait!

@person above me No you actually do not have to download an offline mode for the PS4, you only need internet for online gameplay, and PSN and other inernet services

NegativeCreepWA3396d ago

I think they should just make it so disc less play requires an online connection, and if you're offline you just need the disc in too verify it.

3396d ago
Boody-Bandit3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I'm back on the bandwagon. Just pre-ordered 2 from Best Buy the minute after I heard MS dropped DRM.

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dvewlsh3396d ago

This will definitely sway some people, while some will remain distrusting of MSFT.

Blackdeath_6633396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

yep i couldn't have put it any better my self that is exactly how i see things playing out. their next move should be to justify the price tag and give a reason for people to trust the company that set out to prevent people from owning the games they buy. i have to say this is a happy day for all gamers, i wonder though if the console can play offline does this mean all the cloud processing talk is indeed bullshit or that it will only be used for persistent world games (in other words mmo's)

edit: also the fact that they changed their policies is finally some indication microsoft isn't completely batsh!t insane as they appeared to be going into E3. lets hope its not a publicity/PR stunt in order to sway views

HammadTheBeast3396d ago

Distrusting? They want an always on camera and mic in my living room...

Prcko3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

i won't,buying ps4 when i collect money

Kingthrash3603396d ago

don't move so fast my friend.... this is Microsoft and they always have tricks up their sleeves..... but it is good sounding news, but ill wait till the full story comes out. till real questions are asked like will the drm still be in effect on digital copys I've noticed they only mention physical copys of games have changed.I also hear that there is a day one patch but that still kills people who dont have means of internet day one.... still questions... but good to see how if gamers speak they will listen.... our maybe it was them pre orders not selling out out game stop

Dwalls11713396d ago

Hahahahahahah sad just sad...pressured by the internet in to changing

shuuwai3396d ago

well, its sink or swim.
I might pre-order one on black Friday of 2013.

OC_MurphysLaw3396d ago

Ahh... Please go back and read all the Sony article from Execs saying they listened to their fanbase over emails and tweets and that was what sold them on not having any kind of DRM.

UNGR3396d ago

They do something bad, people complain, they fix it YOU STILL COMPLAIN. And yet people wonder why gamers are a laughing stock. With this childish behavior how do we expect to progress?

SpinalRemains3396d ago



This is the best news all year!

MagneticDeath23396d ago

Dont think it was the internet, M$ only care about money. It was the fact that PS4 is killing them on preorders most likely.

ziggurcat3396d ago


i'm not complaining. i think this is phenomenal news, in fact.

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Noami3396d ago

you do know how much loss they have there now? and all they did was turn of the system..they can turn that drm thing at any given time when they desire..they still have the always on kinect thing and some of the thing ppl dont rly pay attetion

yea they are losing alot money put into the research of all this and dev of the drm system but again all they did was shut it down they can at anygiven time turn it on when they feel like it.

3396d ago
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Foxgod3396d ago

Actually, they ripped the band aid off, that they tried to put on it.

For me no difference, would have accepted it with the bandaid, as long as the games are fine, its good to go for me.

Transporter473396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

The question is do you think all of the people that preorder for 399 will be like lets cancel our pre order and order a 499 product with less powerful hardware.

@Foxgod play GAMES for LESS makes more sense.... then SPEND more for LESS

BTW Foxgod do you believe somehow they are equivalent on power? Show me one exclusive that the Xbone has that looks nearly as good as Infamous SS. I haven't seen one.

Foxgod3396d ago

Play games, not specs, it has no use to play specs this gen, as the specs are closer then they ever where before.

If you really want to play specs anyway, get a pc, then youl have multi's at 60+fps

arkard3396d ago

We will see what the difference amounts to when Sony's numerous first party studios develop with only the PS4 hardware in mind.

Foxgod3396d ago

Which would be almost exactly the same hardware as that of the competition.
That cell argument isnt going to work anymore.

SpinalRemains3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

They're not closer. I think you misunderstood Kojima. He was speaking in direct reference to this Gen, since both machines are vastly different. The comment was not addressing the power of either machine.

The architectures are closer than 360 and PS3 were, but the PS4 still has a substantial edge in hardware.

Will it show on multiplats? Probably not much if at all, but make no mistake. It will show when comparing 1st party exclusives.
Just like this current Gen.

Its gonna be fun.

Virtual_Reality3396d ago

With the amount of 1st Party games in the year, Indie support, cheaper price and most powerful console along with PS+ service, F2P games + Media Apps doesn't require PS+ service.

I don't know.

WalterWJR3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Let it be known that I will not be buying a one but kudos to Microsoft for trolling the entire god damned nation.

It's like waking up from a bad dream and then realising everything is ok but you still feel confused and probed.

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