GameStop wants to buy “every PlayStation 4 Sony can manufacture”

According to Sony's Jack Tretton, the PlayStation 4 is in such high demand at GameStop that "they want to buy every PS4 Sony can manufacture".

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NameRemoved00171973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

How about you pay for some Playstation factories if you want them so bad. I'm sure Sony would give you a nice discount off every console they sold to gamestop.

whoyouwit041973d ago

it will be interesting to see if the demand will still be strong after the news of Microsoft dropping their DRM policy.

SoapShoes1973d ago

I doubt it will change but maybe X1 will get more demand. Idk though because it's still expensive and they still are focusing on TV/other forms of entertainment.

Akuma2K1973d ago

MS might a get bump up in sales from this news, but the Xbox1 will still get out sold by the PS4 without a doubt.

Rearden1973d ago

$100 price difference makes sure of that

Akuma2K1973d ago

Yup sure we all know the main factor of xmas shopping is the price, the PS3 already has a headstart and its not even the fall season

DialgaMarine1973d ago

The news about XBone has a lot to do with Gamestop, and the fact that it's one of the biggest game retailers out there, no doubt. EIther way, Gamestop seems to be in heavy support of Sony at the moment, and that will probably play very heavily in PS4's favor in the long run. Gamestop would only be making a request like this if they were already selling out of the many units Sony has already scheduled to ship. Kindof says a lot about just how well the console really is doing.

windblowsagain1973d ago

I'm wondering who will get into the shops first with their console being shown, so you can play in store.

Can help alot sales wise.