Xbox One does an Xbox 180 with DRM; the easy part is over but difficult challenges remain

Save/Continue writes:

"It was inevitable in a sense.

Microsoft had to do it. They simply had to. No company could attempt to shill such greed-centric policies as these without feeling the commercial and critical sting.

Now that they've done it, all the good that they can do will no longer be tainted by the specter of DRM, but that said there is still work for them to do and staunch challenges remain."

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Kingthrash3601945d ago

funny how they kept saying "blu ray"....does this mean the drm isnt totally gone? if digital will it still apply? Will Microsoft push developers to do digital only? anyway it's great news but I get a funny feeling that they have something up their sleeves.

LackTrue4K1945d ago

they cater to the vocal minority (who are still complaining by the way) and you piss off the people that actually wanted to buy

So, I think the question now is: If the console doesn't have to be connected online all the time, what happens to all that magical processing power that we were getting from the kingdom of the Cloud?

Redempteur1945d ago

The first check when you first start playing is still required as far as we know

joecamnet1945d ago

See, I actually LIKED installing my game and not needing the disc anymore. Oh well.

Transporter471945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

That is still required, they are using the disc in the box to confirm that its original a way to implement some kind of DRM but people are overlooking that.

If you still doubt here you go

Whitten clarified that “you’ll still install [games] to the hard drive. Obviously if you download them from online that’s the way it works. If you put a disc in, it will install it to the hard drive. You will have to have the disc in the tray in order to play. One of the cool features that actually comes with that, as an example, because we built on all this infrastructure around Xbox One, is if I went to your house with my disc-based game and we played for a while, and obviously I’d installed and we played, and then I left with my disc, you could instantly buy that game with no downloads.”

tuglu_pati1945d ago

You know that is the way X360 does it right. If you save the game to the HD you need the dic to play.

slapedurmomsace1945d ago

Care to explain how they're gonna do that with an off line console that's no longer region locked?

user55757081945d ago

yea i would imagine they would still have full installs with the disc to verify. because if it didnt then anyone could just install a game and pass the disc off to their friends for free

slapedurmomsace1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Seriously....needing the physical disk that is actually required to even install the game is now considered DRM. As FYI you need to cartridge to play super Mario on the NES. Damn Atari/intellivision/Nintendo for starting DRM.

rainslacker1945d ago

It is a form of DRM, and always has been. Consoles themselves provide a somewhat passive form of DRM. No one is upset about that.

If it weren't that way, then all someone would have to do is stay offline, install the game, then immediately resell it when the price is high, or pass it off to an infinite number of friends. Something no publisher in their right mind would do because the whole system is open to abuse.

jmc88881945d ago

Why would any of this stop that?

Steam allows that.

I don't need my Steam account to be online every 24 hours in order to use my games.

Lovable1945d ago

See we fought for it and MS loss! If we just succumb to their demands this wouldn't happened. I'm proud of every gamers who fought for their rights! Fate restored to humanity!

Bitsnark1945d ago

Its a positive development for them certainly - means that all the good that they're wanting to do elsewhere will no longer be tainted by all this BS.

Excalibur1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

They are moving n the right direction but they still need to get rid of the mandatory Kinect, which will in turn the lower the price.

So If DRM and Internet connection is no longer needed does that mean it is no longer a requirement for the disk to be installed?

Transporter471945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

It still is.

Edit: read my comment above

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