Would you buy an Xbox One even after the DRM was removed? [System Wars: The Comic]

Is the reversal enough? Or is it still an inferior machine? System Wars: The Comic #78

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Kingthrash3601950d ago

I would after price drop....ps4 will be the first I buy though.

Kanzes1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

it's a fair trade, $100 more expensive than PS4 it is because the Kinect, if they release a bundle without including Kinect I'm pretty sure it will be the same price as PS4

Kingthrash3601950d ago

thats true but ps4 would still be the most powerful.

iGAM3R-VIII1950d ago

well I al probably getting it on dat one now and I might plug my PS4 into my Xbox One sao I can simutaniuosly switch between playing Killzone and Forza 5 at once :P It will be fun, looking forward, I get the best of both worlds!

PS4+Xbox One= Ultimate console PSX 5

Utalkin2me1950d ago

Wow that made my head hurt. Did you fall asleep and bang your head on the keyboard?

Hydrolex1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I like how you got disagrees.

PS4 is MORE powerful, not by a huge amount but still... there's truth in his statement ! can't disagree

Lvl_up_gamer1950d ago

I agree.

I would have personally rather had the DRM and ability to share my games with 10 friends.

I still prefer the features of the XB1 over the PS4 so I am still buying the XB1 day 1

SuperLupe1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Xone first for me since it has the better lineup IMO. I'll be getting a PS4 later, when they'll announce the games that I want, a UC for instance.

Funny thing is, just a couple of hours ago I wasnt planning on getting a XOne until a serious price drop because of all the XOne crap.

I think MS just won back a whole lot of customers.

All those "Next gen war is already over" were completely ridiculous. Its on more than ever.

I_am_Batman1950d ago

I might consider getting one when they remove mandatory Kinect. I don't want to use it anyway. Depends on the games though. They announced a lot of games but I need to see more gameplay (running on actual Xbox One hardware).

psyxon1950d ago

@Hydrolex being able to allocate 40% more memory is a pretty huge amount for consoles. that memory can go a long way in optimizing a game, and even enhancing graphics.

zeddy1950d ago

i bet you they make kinect separate as to make xbone cheaper. thats going to be their next move JUST WATCH!

Ju1950d ago

All that made do was LOL. Never planed on getting one and it sure hasn't changed. Back paddling at its finest just a day after "We will never adjust our policy" statements. What else can you do but LOL.

The "cheaper" console should actually cost less to make me even waste a thought about it. But even then I wouldn't care. I am quite content with what Sony offers. Had no issue with the PS3 and from the looks of it PS4 improved on all aspects of it (minus PSN, which I don't really care because I'm a member since 2 years).

brish1950d ago

"it's a fair trade, $100 more expensive than PS4 it is because the Kinect"

How much for the version without kinect? I won't have a spy box in my home.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1950d ago

They have just proved how shady they are i could never buy from them.

gamertk4211950d ago

Says someone with freakin' kaz Hirai in their name, lol

psyxon1950d ago

^ kaz hirai is totally shady. totally.

Donnieboi1950d ago

No way. We had to BEG for so long--and they only NOW changed it? Once Jimmy Fallon embarrased MS on his show last night, THAT is when MS finally folds?

Oh please. MS only caved in because now the average ignorant 14 year old who would have bought the new Xbox, is now informed about it's evils (due to Fallon's exposure of Xbox One via his national television show which is viewed by millions of casuals and other people who stay ignorant instead of researching the Xbone on their own).

So MS only caved due to the fact that they can't rely on the sales that would come from selling the system to ignorant fools and casuals who didn't already know about the DRM and the anti-used game policy. But thanks to Jimmy Fallon's show, now these people know. And THAT is why Microsoft caved in.

strifeblade1950d ago

ummm bro e3 was 10 days ago. if anything msoft kept the status quo as of now, sony just introduces ps+ as mandatory to play online- you want things to change on vent off some hate go in that direction cuz here in the msoft camp we are perfectly happy


Tyre1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

@Donnieboi Wouldn't be surprised. Could be a possibility, dude

Aceman181950d ago

i would after a few price drops, and some more exclusives that interest me other than Quantam Break which is the only one right now that im excited for on xbox.

Utalkin2me1950d ago

Sorry i will never purchase another MS product again as long as i live.

dedicatedtogamers1950d ago

If I had just fended off a robber who was trying to break into my back window and then the next day he came to my front door and said "hey man. Sorry about yesterday. Do you mind if I come in? I promise I won't burgle your house"...

...what a fool I would be to say "okay, c'mon in"

gano1950d ago

Thank you.
Never. I'll never buy one.
And when he came to your door bro, he put a shank in his boot.

rela82me1950d ago

I don't get your reference... MS was never out to rob people, they went to a digital age. They perhaps went to early, but it was where people should have gone; they need to market it better next time around. I hope there is some way that they can implement an "online version" of some sort that can keep the online game trading system.

If your refering to the used game fee, there is a used game fee for PS4 just the same as there is on the 360 and now the x1, instead of buying a code to access all features, it was going to be a download. w/e tired of ignorance... YAY XBOX

Flipgeneral1950d ago

I will not buy an xbone.

Such shady practices by Microsoft. Their initial reveals and flip-flopping make me nervous

SONY has a clear vision and idea of appeasing us, the gamers. Therefore I will be supporting that brand exclusively!

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Prcko1950d ago

sorry,but 399$ wins
i will get everything on ps4

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Yeah, some people have standards.

And let it be known, this isn't for consumers. It's cause pre-orders for the XB1 were plummeting.

Mr_Nuts1950d ago

Nope, it's not enough, they arn't doing this for fans they are doing this because they are s*** scared they are going to loose money

Manatory Kinect is still an issue I hope people complain about this next.

Then theres the price when it offers no real advantage

Then you have the fact it's still TV, TV, TV, Sports with them

Don't forget Kinect is still a big focus to them

Finally comes the game support, what we saw at E3 was only to try and lure people to get around DRM, next year once all these games come out and the timed exclusives wear off they'll go right back to Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable and the odd new IP every few years.

Kanzes1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

TV and Sports is an additional apps, you don't need that kind of things to play your games like any console. So it's NOT a problem

Mr_Nuts1950d ago

It IS a problem when thats all they care about, Sony and Nintendo could that stuff if they wanted, Sony even saying they probably will further down the line when the PS4 is out but their main focus is games and gamers.

Kanzes1950d ago

It's a bit of irony to talk that Sony is focusing on games, when it's Xbox One that got a better number for exclusivity.

Mr_Nuts1950d ago

Really, even though we have gamescom coming up where MS is never a big part of it anywhere and then TGS, basicaly spreading the announcments out all over this year

Then you have to think Sony have the PSV to worry about aswell...oh not to mention MS will never do this again. Next E3 will be crap, the games were just done because they wanted to try and trick gamers into buying into the DRM never worked.

jetlian1950d ago

yea kanzes that's why so many are on defensive since this announcement. Any real gamer can see XBO has the better known games.

some people mad saying they flip flopping and the system isn't even out yet lol!! They hate on kinect yet was happy ps4 camera was a top 10 selling item on amazon

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EasilyTheBest1950d ago

lol look at Mr Nuts.. He's going nuts lol.

Its £80 more in the UK but it comes with Kinect which I WANT, and it has HDMI IN which I want.

Having Kinect built in means I can change TV channels with voice plus coming home from work I can walk in and say Xbox On, play music etc. Amazing for me.
Kinect built in is great as I know it will be supported plenty and wont become a Playstation Move.

Mr_Nuts1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I think your the one going nuts here

I could buy a PS4 and the camera separate and it would still work out cheaper. Oh and the PS4 also comes with a HDMI cable

Look at all you Xbox fans, coming out of your holes now because you think this makes everything better and you can start defending Microsoft openly again. MS has dug themselfs into such a big hole that this is still not going to cut it, we have such a long way to go.

Kinect will also spy on you you really want that. I don't...

EasilyTheBest1950d ago

Mr Nuts, HDMI in... Not an hdmi cable.

Mr_Nuts1950d ago

For goodness sake

*** The PlayStation 4 will also come equipped with a headset and HDMI cable in every box. ***


*** and HDMI cable in every box.***


*** HDMI ***

*** CABLE ***

vickers5001950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )


I don't think you can compare the two cameras, as Sony has said very little about what their new camera can actually do, and seeing as it's only 60 bucks, I'm going to guess that it has nowhere near the amount of features that the new kinect has. And the HDMI cable thing isn't even the slightest bit relevant to what he said. Xbox One has HDMI IN and OUT (INPUT AND OUTPUT). Which means you could hook up your cable box, 360, possibly ps4 or ps3, into your xbox one and daisy chain them together so you can save yourself an HDMI port on your TV. Not the most amazing feature in the world, but a really cool feature.

As for Microsoft, well I've been right there with everyone else in the hatred and public outrage that everyone has had against them, I was definitely not going to get an Xbox One before.

I'm still not getting one now, at least not any time soon that is, but if it ever hits 300-350, I probably will get one, assuming they haven't reversed their new policies and assuming they have a steady flow of good games and exclusives by the time that that price drop actually happens.

As for the kinect spying thing, well that doesn't bother me too much, as I can always just cover the lenses with a sock if I'm feeling like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and/or just unplug it when it's turned off so it wont be watching me (though it shouldn't any longer due to the always on requirement being taken away) . There's just as much to worry about with smartphones as there is with kinect, in regards to the tech being a spying device.

So yeah, not that I'm defending them or anything, but for me, the Xbox One just went from an "overpriced piece of anti-consumer shit", to an "overpriced, but acceptable piece of meh". Once it hits 300 or 350, then it will be an all right system.

StanSmith1950d ago


The Xbox One ALSO includes a HDMI cable in the box.

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Actually TV only works in US.

EasilyTheBest1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Mr nuts.

HDMI In as in input grrr


help please someone

Oh, and I am actually getting disagrees above, you really can't make it up the stupidity on N4G.

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thehitman1950d ago

Kanzes what u smoking I want some.

Tyre1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Well Said! Mr Nuts. Several Bubbles for you!

madpuppy1950d ago

It kills me, all these people bemoaning the fact that Ms capitulated to customer demand and dropped all this intrusive DRM and lowered the gate.

All these crazy people that think MS was trying to "move people into the future" with all this intrusive DRM are living in a fantasy land, the Idea that blocking what you do with what you bought for some VERY restrictive convenience of being able to "share" with 10 of your family members and maybe be able to sell the game (and that is a big maybe) sometime down the road is insane compared to what we all have been enjoying now.
As for used games "hurting" publishers and developers, that really has been debunked by a bunch of studies that say used sales drive new sales and that the total used gaming sales end up being about 1-2% of total sales of software. not really much to get crazy about...unless your so greedy that the 78 billion that the gaming industry makes already is just not enough.
when people like Cliffy B. bemoans used games, all dog faced and hurt how it's damaging the bottom line all the way to what he earns, and after all the fools pat him on the back telling him "it's ok, here's some money you need it more than us" he walks outside where no one can see him laughs, hops into his Lambo and drives back to his million dollar home.

But, I digress.
I applaud everyone here and across the internet that was vocal about this intrusive attack on our consumer rights.
we waded through the fools that blindly loved what MS was doing, the plethora of new accounts appearing on N4G and Reddit that championed all this intrusive garbage. and now that MS blinked, sadly some of our fellow fighters are starting to attack the PS4 again, making fun of Playstation gamers because of PS+ adding a paywall to 70% of their online offering. it is truly sad.

There are two things that we really take away from this, the first one is that Microsoft blinked, That, my friends is AMAZING! I don't think MS has EVER had to eat crow in their 30+ year life.It shows that MS cannot just force what they want on the consumer anymore. it must be painful for a company that has enjoyed illegal monopoly status for most of it's life and is now confronted with diminishing power.

The second, and I know that this is going to be unpopular. Be wary of a cornered, injured beast, they have a tendency to be unpredictable. I would expect that after they start selling into the millions and get into many homes their policies may just change...again. you know? that pushing the consumer into "the future" that they always say they are trying to do? It may not take the form that they tried here but, it will not be consumer friendly you can rest assured of that.

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Majin-vegeta1950d ago

Nope.if i wanna play one ill just do it when im at my local GS.

PopRocks3591950d ago

Sure. After a bunch of price drops.