No, Jimmy Fallon, The PS4 Isn’t The Only Console With Used Games

Speaking with Sony Chief System Architect and Knack Director Mark Cerny, Fallon seemed struck by a random thought before leading in to the live demo. "Oh, the big story that everyone is talking about is this system is the only one where you can still play used games," Fallon said, almost off-handedly. Cerny replies accurately that "we support used games and we don't require an Internet connection." Fallon answered back over audience applause, "that's pretty major, 'cause you can go to GameStop and pick up that stuff."

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mushroomwig1972d ago

Now they all support used games.

ziggurcat1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

yes. confirmed here:

edit: disagreeing with confirmed information from a direct source... *facepalm*

TesMgsFan1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

So are you gonna buy the xbox one ? Not me PS4 is gonna be mine :D

Blackdeath_6631972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

doesn't change the fact that they are charging you $100 more for inferior hardware and mandatory kinect which i have no interest in. just give me package without the kinect that is alot cheaper than the ps4 and were on to something

ziggurcat1972d ago

@ TesMgsFan:

will consider it now that they have gotten rid of half of their horrible policies. it'll be a no-brainer if they drop mandatory kinect (why it's required when it's not necessary to navigate the system software is beyond me), and allow people to upgrade their HDD.

b_one1972d ago

its a cold calculation, not "we love you" they will screw ppl as they did to date, now with a polite smile.

psyxon1972d ago

>caring about disagrees... *facepalm*

plaZeHD1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

That's awesome. Ok now I am leaning more towards to Xbox One since Microsoft is doing more innovative things than Sony. But still the price tag and the mandatory Kinect are huge problems.

BluEx6101972d ago

People with no internet are still screwed.... People with Shotty internet are happy though. I hope they make another SKU, one without Kinect and drop the price. Common people start bitching about Kinect requirement. Make them go back on that also lol.

I'm glad the days of bringing your game to play with or against your friend via lan is still there. That was a big part of console gaming itself.

Calvin_ISA1972d ago

@ PlazeHD

More innovative then Sony? Removing retarded requirements, and going back to the normal standard is "innovation"?
Yeah... Okay.

FullmetalAlchemist1972d ago

I think that Microsoft really hurt themselves by not revealing this information at E3 and a lot of consumers that were turned off by the Xbox One initially due to these DRM rumors, are not going to be aware that Microsoft made this recent policy change for a while.

Tainted Gene1972d ago


They couldn't reveal it because the XB1 initially didn't HAVE THAT POLICY.

They just now switched their idiotic stance on the horrible DRM and have gained "some" good will..... But they still have a ways to go before the butt raping they did to me and other gamers heals.

ziggurcat1972d ago

@ FullmetalAlchemist:

they posted their policies right before E3.

and they had no idea that sony was going to drop those two massive bombs onto their lap, either.

jade07321971d ago

Wow... Talk about backdowns!

This is very good news for gaming. : )

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Calvin_ISA1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Wrong Reply
*delete this comment*

mania5681972d ago

so they chance things not to lose to the ps4 and everyone goes crazy saying xbox is the best now, really?
xbox is equal or worst in all aspects, kinect is a pain and +100$ for a worst console with something most people dont even want forced down on you.

all because they have some ok exclusives, ps4 will have way better exclusives down the road, there is sucker punch, santa monica, amazing games like uncharted or new IP´s as great as the last of us, PS4 WILL win on the exclusives in the future, if you think its all about games then ps4 is your home not xbone who JUST starts with more exclusives and the only one worth mention is really titanfall.

Donnieboi1972d ago

If it wasn't for Fallon bringing this to national attention, the Xbox One would probably still be a DRM machine. The only reason MS caved is because of NATIONAL embarrassment and exposure of their evil policies on national television.

Fallon should be thanked. PLUS, at the time of the recording of his program, te XBox One WAS still a DRM machine. The next day it's not anymore. Coincidence? No. Especially since just 2 days ago MS was saying they would not budge on their policies. So obviously they didn't change it because of the gamers--they changed because now even the dumb, casual morons who would have bought the Xbox One now know of it's DRM and ant-used games policies, all thanks to Fallon bringing this info to every American home.

MS only did it because now they can no longer rely on the ignorance of the casuals. Even they now know of Xbox's attempt at evil. MS (as a corporation) is still the devil, as far as gaming is concerned, and will take the first opportunity to screw us again. Don't pay for their crap, and maybe one day MS will just leave the market for good.

Gravity_DoGG1971d ago

This is before Microsoft changed there policies

ZBlacktt1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Thanks to Sony. Who has always been the world leader in video gaming consoles. Blu-ray players, MS just now copying that move 7 years later.

Every gamer should be thanking Sony. They forced MS to not screw you XBox gamers.

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insertnamehurr1972d ago

Ive got some good news for the xboxone fans...

Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM
UPDATE: No more 24-hour check-in, game ownership stays as it is and no restrictions on trading and loaning, among other changes.

Boody-Bandit1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Here is an IGN link confirming this

Azurite1972d ago

They also removed the region lock! o_O
I'm amazed atm.

ZBlacktt1971d ago

Thank you Sony for forcing MS to not screw gamers like they wanted to.

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PerryCaravello1972d ago

I was going to say wiiu, but now they all do.

R_aVe_N1972d ago

At the time of the show they really didn't. I just goes to show that when people complain with their wallet things can change really fast. I still don't trust Microsoft so still a no buy for me for now at least maybe after a year I will take another look.