The Last of Us Crafting FAQ

GR: "Joel can craft a variety of items in The Last of Us. Here are those items, and the elements required to create them. Remember, you can carry up to three items at a time (be it molotovs, nail bombs, stun grenades, whatever) and up to three crafting elements at a time (be it sugar, alcohol, blades, whatever).

"Always craft and use up your supplies, because if you don't, you won't be able to pick up more."

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acharlez2000d ago

Awesome. I'll be using this guide :)

brettyd2000d ago

what tips? you figure this all out in the first hour of the game...

brodychet2000d ago

Lol? The game does a pretty good job of explaining what's needed.

ceballos77mx2000d ago

Molotov + Bloater= no game over.