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CCC says: "“Has Madden always looked this bad?”

I was in the middle of choosing a play in the Microsoft booth; I faced a 3rd and long, and I couldn’t help but notice that all the players on the New England Patriots looked, well, the same. There was a distinct lack of detail and polish on the Xbox 360 build of the game.

I wonder if I would have noticed it if I hadn’t just come from the EA Sports Ignite presentation."

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lawgone1950d ago

Check out the video in the story. I have how they say it's "actual game play". It's an actual cut scene, not someone playing the game. That's completely different. But it seems that's all developers show anymore.

Akuma2K1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Madden is still the same and hasn't changed and never will (that's what happens when there's no competition) it's a shame the game still hasn't surpassed NFL2K5 after all these years, i'm guessing the developers didn't include any actual gameplay in Madden 25 because it probably would have looked worser than the cutscenes.