GamesBeat: The state of Mario: How Nintendo attempts to make its beloved mascot relevant in 2013

GB: GamesBeat spoke with Koichi Hayashida and Yoshiaki Koizumi at E3 to find out how Nintendo keeps its legendary mascot feel fresh and exciting from one Mario game to the next.

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JeffGrubb1946d ago

They could just release that dope 3D Mario World game .... That's relevant to my interests!

thomasmiller1946d ago

yes, by watching the video, I saw some very fresh gameplay elements!! I cannot wait for this title!

thomasmiller1946d ago

one more thing RAYMAN LEGENDS IS SSOOO DEAD!!!, I don't care if it comes out for other platforms fine, but the wii u version should have come out in feb. early march like it was supposed to on wii u, it would have sold well and could have been an early system seller, but no, activision, made the stupid decision to release them all in the fal, fine for ps3, and xbox 360, but for wii u? MARIO 3D, SONIC LOST WORLD, AND DONKEY KONG COUNTRY TROPICAL FREEZE, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PICK a cult game over these top notch AAA TITLES? yes, I would have chosen rayman over NSMB U, OH YEAH, BUT NOT OVER THESE 3 TITLES!!! rayman can not even touch these!! so too bad ray man, you won't sell that much on sony or microsoft, your games never have, they have always sold the most on nintendo.

now instead of having the plaform field all to your self, like you did in feb. now you are going up against the big boys, the heavy hitters for nintendo, let's see if I am a nintendo fan what am I going to spend $60 bucks on? mario? DK from retro? sonic? these 3 titles are great! I played ray man demo, mario and dk demo at best buy, and mario and dk blow away the ray man demo!!! so sorry rayman, you lose!! too bad, it's your own fault!!

EcoSos31946d ago

Actually it was Ubisoft not activision.

longcat1946d ago

"they have always sold the most on nintendo."

rayman origins sold best on ps3 and 360.
it even did pretty well on the vita considering it launched months later

they should have released the wii U version earlier though...that much i agree with...but the delay added 30 levels that you dont have to pay for as dlc

thomasmiller1945d ago

MY APOLOGY!I meant Ubisoft! but I was typing in a hurry! huh! didn't even notice it! thanks for the correction, but I still stand by the rest of my post.

Triforce0791946d ago

Look every COD fan played Mario 1st ? i rarely meet someone that's doesn't like Mario.

juaburg1946d ago

Killer line-up till the end of the year! Cant wait to get my Wii U :)