What is a Single Player Game?

OnlySP: As a new, more connected than ever console generation approaches the consumer market, it seems to us here at OnlySP that defining the single player experience is becoming an ever more relevant exercise. What is or is not part of single player discipline that we love so much? And how can or will it evolve in the coming years? I think that right now, on the cusp of a new video gaming generation, is the perfect time to reflect on the single player gaming trends we’re spotting just over the horizon.

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Zodiac1947d ago

Single...Player...? I know not what these words mean in 2013.

Zodiac1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Please refer to my reply to sovakhan. Just disregard this.

GutZ311947d ago

Single player = I can play this game all by myself, or with 1~7 people in the room with me, while in a cave 5 miles deep, or on another planet, 100 years from now, and still enjoy myself thoroughly.

sovkhan1947d ago

Then rpg is not your genre of choice i guess that is why :p

Zodiac1947d ago

Lol no. i guess it was a bad joke. I mean that games solely focused on story mode are going away, and by 2013 i have trouble remembering what single player is.

Bad joke on my part.

MartinB1051947d ago

I got the joke, but it's based a false assumption. The best selling game of this year so far - The Last Of Us - was primarily a single player game. They're not going away at all.

Confickercrash1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Zodiac I can see that you are a 'new' gamer, and utterly clueless. Single player is what shaped the industry. What use is bragging about multiplayer when your game becomes unplayable after the developers shut the server down a few years after release? Single player will never die, not as long as MS and EA don't monopolise the industry.

Zodiac1947d ago

I didn't mean it that way. Just refer to my above reply.

_QQ_1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

LOL i can't believe you guys don't get the joke.

jonboi241947d ago

Single player is a dying art form of generations past. Where one did not need to connect or co-op to enjoy a game. A place where game play and/or story were key not multi million dollar budgets and game engines. Where we chase that next moment of amazement and not a trophy/achievement. It's a place where you can fully immerse yourself in a world without having some stupid kid on a mic say racist or sexist jokes. The single player concept is slowly changing but for those of us who still lingers for that old school feeling you get playing it there's is still....... The Last of Us. ;)

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