Sony Won E3 (But That Doesn’t Matter)

Sony rode out of E3 triumphant; this is inarguable. The thing is, that doesn’t really matter. Microsoft has a tougher road ahead of it than it anticipated it would, but to sit back, cross one’s arms, and declare the console war over would be ludicrous at this point.

The companies that have fared the best in the technology world understand the maxim that your customers cannot articulate to you everything they want. Yes, you should listen to the people who use your products (and you should listen just as closely to the ones who do not), but you cannot simply ask people what they want you to make, then make it; that’s how you end up with The Homer. Nobody asked for iPhone. Even after that, nobody asked for iPad. And nobody-but-nobody ever asked for a Nintendo DS.

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dedicatedtogamers1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Why does winning E3 not matter? Sony's infamous "giant enemy crab massive damage" and "599 US dollars" hampered their success for years. The Wii's first showing at E3 set the world on fire. Why does E3 suddenly not matter simply because Microsoft lost it?

Also, using the iPhone or the DS as an example of "a product no one asked for but everyone loved" is false equivalence. Neither the DS nor the iPhone had overwhelming disdain aimed at them prior to launch. Xbox One is the most-hated, most-controversial videogame console in the history of gaming. Some consoles were hated. Most of the duds were simply ignored, but no console has been hated on such a wide scale. Microsoft's PR doesn't help, either.

ArchangelMike1946d ago

Nobody is gonna ask for an xbone either. But everybody is gonna be asking for a PS4!

BullyMangler1946d ago

It dsnt matter . .the only ones who think E3 is a competition are the fanboys and girls . . . either way how does it make sense for a company to win anything if all they gonna show at E3 is a bunch of trailers less gameplay??

BigFnHooters1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

"hampered their success for years."

The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 every single year it has been on the market.

The PS3 is at 80 million worldwide in installed base and the system has another five years of sales. It will easily reach the 110-120 million range as the price drops down to 200, 150, etc. The PS2 went on to sell some 80 million or so console after it hit the 200 dollar mark.

So, yeah, there was this 'giant enemy crab' at E3. To even call it infamous in light of Microsoft's complete self destruction is laughable.

The PS3 is on track to be the second highest selling console of all time - with only the PS2's 160 million topping it by the end of its life. The anomaly this gen was the absurd and sickening Microsoft RRoD fiasco that massively inflated the 360's installed base numbers this gen that helped hide just how badly the Sony beat Microsoft this gen.

Godmars2901946d ago

"One wonders if there is a Third Console Rule emerging here: Any maker of game platforms that enjoys two successful machines will invariably think themselves invincible and make power-mad decisions in the design of the third machine that doom it."

And the funny thing about that is MS's only had one 'successful" console.

Where both Sony and Nintendo pretty much established the "curse", both dominating the market with the first two iterations of their systems, at best the First Xbox could be considered a not quite embarrassment in the U.S. while it was still overshadowed by the PS2 both domestically and especially worldwide. And while the 360 may have fared better, it still wasn't a rounded victory and even lost ground towards the end.

Anyone managing the system who saw all of that should have known better to start talking in absolutes with the XBO.

I-Hate-usernames1946d ago

Just stop writing this useless articles

kratoz12091945d ago

Sony has the best launch titles for PS4
looking forward to Warframe, Planetside 2, Killzone SF and DriveClub.

GentlemenRUs1945d ago

I know it's a slow news day but come on...

We have had like 1000's of these articles and it's getting boring fast...