Playstation 4 Uploads to Youtube confirmed

Uploading gameplay to youtube had been confirmed by Mark Cerny in a recent interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It is something fans have been wondering for months finally confirmed. Check out the video below.

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FrightfulActions1972d ago

Confirmed... again. Didn't we know about this the first time it was showed? Like before E3, even?

Still good to be reminded about, I guess. Can't wait to play it myself.

Jdoki1972d ago

I think a bit of confusion crept in because during E3 they only mentioned Ustream.

I would also like them to use Twitch, as it's much more gamer focused.

FrightfulActions1971d ago

Yeah but, and correct me if I'm wrong, the first time they showed Killzone didn't they upload the whole thing to youtube using the Share feature? This was at the PS4 announcement before E3. Though I get what you're saying, I don't think they ever directly said youtube. Perhaps Im just not remembering it clearly though, seems funny they would not mention it, its kinda a big deal.

As for Twitch, don't they have some kind of deal with Microsoft already?

ruefrak1972d ago

This isn't "confirmed" but more like a slip. He didn't mean to mention youtube and you can see his expression says that he said something he shouldn't have. We will still have to wait for something official

MasterCornholio1972d ago

Cool free advertising for Sony on Youtube.