Xbox One and PS4 games stay the same price...Really?

Lower production costs for digital content, but the prices remains the same as retail versions. What gives?

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Philoctetes1947d ago

It's like that now. The Last of Us is $60 if I buy the digital version on PSN. Digital delivery didn't reduce game prices one cent on consoles this generation, so I'm not sure why anybody would expect things to be different next gen.

wishingW3L1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

same price and Digital versions come with DRM. So you pay those $60 and if you like or didn't like the game you're just stuck with it. Can't sell it for money to buy another one nor give it to someone else on top of the fact that you had to download like more than 10GB worth of data through your connection. What if you have a cap?

The DD game future is still far away if you ask me and as of now it's nothing but a scam. MS are betting on the wrong horse with their XB1 console with forced always-on.

doctorstrange1947d ago

Has the writer not heard of inflation? Games are cheaper than when this gen launched.

NarooN1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Dunno why people have disagreed with you, when you're correct.

2006: PS3 and 360 games cost $60.
2013: PS3, 360, PS4, and X1 games cost $60.

Now let's get to calculating with inflation...

$60 from 2006 in today's dollars: Roughly $68.

So games are cheaper today than they were over six years ago. I remember how most PS1 games were $40 or $50 when they launched. Let's check that out...

$40 from 1995 in today's dollars: ~$59.53

PS2, Xbox and GC games were $50 too. Let's use 2001 as a date since all three consoles were out by that time.

$50 from 2001 in today's dollars: ~$64.80

So yeah, we've got it pretty good today. If you see the trend, you see that game prices haven't really changed much at all after all these years. The biggest difference is $60 from 2006 to now, which I would guess is because of the depression we're in and the fact that the USD is weaker than it used to be.

As for digital prices, I guess you can surmise that digital distribution doesn't lower production costs too much as long as you have a decent publisher or something.

caseh1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )


I'll expand on that:

1991: Megadrive games cost £40 (about $60)

In comparison to most other media, gaming hasn't increased in price. You only seem to pay more for the hardware, the games are the same price since I was old enough to go out and buy games for myself which was about 1990. This is true for the UK at least.

creatchee1946d ago

Either a lot of you are young or you have bad memories, but NES games ranged from 39.99 to 79.99 or more new back in the days before standardized pricing. I think Super NES games were 69.99 too.

Budgets are way higher for games but they are cheaper than some previous generations, not even taking inflation into account

Baka-akaB1947d ago

One small caveat , even right now , digital versions are cheaper than physical discs in some parts of the world .

Here a new game cost between 74 and 89 euros ... while at worst we'd pay 59 euros digitally .

Now of course importing is cheaper than both , but it's a process that's not always as easy and fast

Bimkoblerutso1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Well yeah. That's because the push toward digital distribution has never, EVER been about making things better for consumers. It has always been about control. It's about creating a model that entraps consumers in an ecosystem that can be easily and unfairly manipulated according to the whims of big business.

Because when consumers don't actually own anything, they have no actual say in anything.

colonel1791947d ago

Digital versions should be at least $50, since they don't have production costs and whatnot.

DJMarty1946d ago

Why, they should be cheaper than last gen.

As the nex gen consoles are based on PC's so must games will use the same code and assets with a few tweaks here and ther.

Baka-akaB1946d ago

Unlikely. Last gen almost everyone were using unreal engine middleware and assets to speed up development and reduce costs .

The upcoming gen , pretty much each big publisher came up with in own big internal engine .

On top of other expenses , there is no way they wouldnt get their funding back .

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rajman1947d ago

This is nothing new, I mean new PS3 games here in the UK are around £40-£45...but when a new title is put onto the PSN store, then its usually £60 lol

1947d ago
Soldierone1947d ago

Yep, prices remain the same even though publishers cry about sales every day.... so another generation of publishers crying, especially since DRM disappeared.

NameRemoved00171947d ago

Digital games should be cheaper, most devs so a $10 discount if you buy the digital version of PC. Some even do $20.

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