"Well, the biggest news is that Resistance is finished..."

...Insomniac's Ted Price told 1up with a grin at Sony's PS3 Gamer's Day event in San Francisco today. The game, which is quickly becoming the must-have launch title for the PS3, appeared polished and ready to go in its two-level demo on display. Though the areas shown (the alternate reality versions of Nottingham and Manchester) had been seen before, Price used the opportunity to show and talk about some gameplay elements that up until recently were unknown.

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please people: if you're not gonna comment about the article, why even bother posting?

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Let me be the first to say that this is excellent news for the PS3 fans.

If you like FPS games then this game seems like a must have.

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Now I prefer Xbox 360 over ps3 BUT I am a BIG FPS fan. Now I'm sure this game is still going to be fun and I would like to play the story and beat the game, but from what I seen in the videos...the AI just runs out of looks like another war game just with aliens...and whats up with gun that shoots all those sparkles? Looks like those cheap sparkle sticks for the 4th of July. But nevertheless; I would still like to give it a try, but not enough to actually buy the system. What makes or breaks alot of FPS is the control. Hopefully they put alot of attention into the control scheme.