PS3 Genji To Use Hard Drive To Speed Up Load Times

MTV's report on the Sony event reveals that PS3's Genji: Day of the Blade will use the PS3's internal hard drive to help with load times. Selecting an option to "install" some components from the Blu-ray disk to the hard drive will decrease load times from 15 seconds to 4 seconds. For more information from the MTV report, hit the link below.

CyberSentinel6335d ago

I wonder how fast 60gig HDs will fill up with each 50gig game pre-installed for optimum play.

EnforcerOfTheTruth6335d ago

WOW now that's fast. Thanks Sony :-)

TheMART6335d ago

They need to use it because the BR loading times are terrible. But still it would be nice to see how developers work their way out of the restrictions of the system. Still it first has to load from BR to HDD...

Retard6335d ago

Read the forums? Developer Blogs? Anything other then Xbox forums?

They're actually surprized that BD can load fast aside from the fact its reading capability is suppose to be slow.

Show me any credible factsheet that says BDR is slow, please... Other then that I'll stick with the 15 seconds.

FordGTGuy6335d ago

all that space on the BR discs but it doesn't mean anything until its on the screen. How do they say it? "where the rubber meets the road"

EnforcerOfTheTruth6335d ago

15 seconds doesn't sound that terrible to me ;-)