Why did it take so long for the PS3 to settle into the gaming market?

Sony's grand entrance to the "next-gen" of gaming probably didn't go as planned for them. The PlayStation 3 got off to a rather slow start and didn't exactly live up everyone's expectations at the start.

Click the jump for the reasons why the PS3 took so long to settle into the gaming market!

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meepmoopmeep3860d ago

i don't know about other's expectations.. but 10M units sold with stiff competition and a slowing economy in a year doesn't sound slow to me...

Breakfast3860d ago

Considering ps2 was slow to me. I expected it to be the 'wii' and wii to be the 'ps3'.

PirateThom3860d ago

PS2 had a really slow first year as well, reasons for this were:

1. Too expensive
2. Video format no one wanted
3. Dreamcast already established in the market
4. No games

ruibing3860d ago

It's actually right now selling at the same pace as the PS2 and faster than 360 if you look at sales since launch.

cmrbe3860d ago

That sounds very familar this gen.

Genesis53860d ago

The 2 main reasons.

Launch price.

All brand new technology.

The launch price was a little high and the cell took a while for the developers to get their heads wrapped around it.

sonarus3860d ago

mostly price and the 360 really kicked its a$$ first yr. However they seem to be back n the game so who cares

prunchess3860d ago

From speaking to a few Microsoft employees here in Ireland, MS ran a massive viral campaign against the PS3. This without a doubt affected PS3 sales. Can anyone ever remember seeing so many negative stories run about a product. It is still being ran to this day. All you have to do is look at N4G.

InMyOpinion3860d ago

I'd say at the moment the N4G is a viral marketing campaign against the 360. Can you count the number of "Why the PS3 will win in 2008" articles that get posted here? =) They are probably as many as the "RROD" articles about the 360.

barom3860d ago

in the end it's all about the games and the price. really

CrazzyMan3860d ago

2007 - year of blu-ray(not very good for gaming, but perfect for buisness and it worked).
2008-2015 - years of gaming.

HighDefinition3860d ago

- It outsold the 360
- It outsold the PS2

what more do you want being almost $600 the whole time.

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Dudeson423860d ago

I honestly think it had alot to do with the format war. I think that when the PS2 launched it was an easy buy for so many people because even if they were only a LITTLE bit into games they still needed a DVD player and DVD was clearly the next format. When the PS3 launched it was still up in the air, and people who were only a LITTLE bit into games didn't know what to do because the format war wasn't settled. Only hardcore gamers were buying it because they wanted it for the games, but now it's officially a successful Multi-media device and the systems will start flying off the shelves.

meepmoopmeep3860d ago

not only the format war but also the high price tag, which sony handled well by cutting the price. now that blu-ray is the winner and the big franchises are emerging things will pick up.

Spinner3860d ago

Not to mention the ungodly amount of FUD during 06-07 and constant "PS3 deathwatch" articles.

molsen813860d ago

Say what you want, but Sony screwed up with the price. I know the PS3 has the Blu ray, but man that price really hit you in the stomach when it was first announced. The only reason I have a PS3 is from a ummmm insurance claim.

orange143860d ago

Yeah, I think Sony's biggest mistake was the price.

*thinks about it again*

Agh, it still makes me shiver.

eagle213860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

That's why. In addition to Microsoft dropping the xbox 1 like a bad habit, Sony launched FFXII, Bully, God of War 2, etc in Winter 2006/2007. I haven't even had my PS3 for a year yet (like most owners. Also, Blu-ray (shazaam!) was not establiished as it is so proudly right now. Either way Sony's 125 + million (prolly 127) ps2 gave it's big brother plenty of time to get back the spot it proudly is this day. :)

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