Xbox One: 'It's A Matter Of Time Before Xbox Shines In Japan' - Suda51

NowGamer: Despite Microsoft's struggles to make Xbox successful in Japan, Killer Is Dead director Suda51 believes "it's matter of time or some kind of hook that will let the Xbox explode or shine in Japan."

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TheLyonKing3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Um.... I really think x1 will struggle this gen too. If the 360 with quite a few RPGs and a year head start couldn't convince then Japanese the I doubt x1 will do much better.

Japan is really ps territory and it will most likely stay that way.

sinncross3520d ago

Exactly, the market has just moved into Nintendo/ Sony. Xbox360 is merely just niche, which is not a bad thing in itself, but that does not give the X1 a platform to becoming instantly popular.

user55757083520d ago

if the 360 was any evidence its clear that the xbox brand will fail again in japan. unless they can land an exclusive monster hunter game and other jrpg exclusives their sales will suffer

Blackdeath_6633520d ago

it won't even work in Japan at launch. Japan is not included in the 21 countries listed by microsoft. how anyone can claim it will "shine" in Japan is beyond me. besides its struggling to shine in the rest of the world let alone Japan with almost half the EU excluded from the list of countries where the XBone is playable at launch MS has bigger problems than figuring out how to reach the Japanese audience. they should start by figuring out how to reach their own audience

FarEastOrient3520d ago

How much space does the new camera take to read properly?

TXIDarkAvenger3520d ago

I agree and its highly unlikely MS will turn the table around but remember when NA was Xbox territory? Well it won't be much longer.

kreate3520d ago

'Japan is really ps territory and it will most likely stay that way.'

actually the whole world is a ps territory excluding USA. oh oh oh.. and maybe the UK.

u could put in almost any country in that 'japan' spot and the sentence will most likely hold true.

TheLyonKing3519d ago

Yes but the article talks about Japan solely which is why I said Japan will be ps territory but I do agree I fact I don't even think 360 is Xbox territory to a degree there isn't a white wash of sales difference between the two each week in the us

kreate3519d ago


'I don't even think 360 is Xbox territory'

got a little mixed up there but i got ur point and i totally agree with it.

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fsfsxii3520d ago

How can he compare two different things?? Windows and Xbox.
I dunno, but i think the japanese people only support their country made console

sinncross3520d ago

Its not a matter of jpn ppl only buying japanese consoles. American culture in general is very popular here. the iphone, and ipod etc... its everywhere.

the problem is that the first xbox failed to attract gamers with the PS2 being such a juggernaut. the 360 failed too but it has at least found a niche market.

I think Suda51 is being overly optimistic here... I dont see the X1 doing well at all in Japan. Especially if Sony is able to launch here first.

rainslacker3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

There would have to be a lot of Japanese developer support for the X1 for it to hit it big.

The reason Sony and Nintendo dominate Japan is because every Japanese developer makes software for them. MS tried for the Japanese support early in it's life cycle, but since then, it's barely seemed interested at all in all those titles that weren't Capcom/Konami/SE, and even then MS only seemed to care about the games which were more westernized.

Overall, any Japanese support for the 360 was so they could try to sell those games in the west.

TimeSkipLuffy3520d ago

PS3 got One Piece as exclusive game... One Piece the greatest manga of all time *muhahaha*

izumo_lee3520d ago

Microsoft has tried for over 7 years to get their brand recognized by the Japanese...they just don't care for it. The 360 was the best chance to win over the Japanese with all the Japanese content that Microsoft brought to the system. Even with all those games the Japanese just wasn't interested.

The XBone i do not see any success happening in Japan no matter how hard Microsoft is going to try. For whatever reason the Japanese gamers see it in a bad light.

Baka-akaB3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I doubt its whatever reason . The 360 japanese centric content was there , but not immediately and plenty of it was still mediocreor average , bare stuff like Lost odyssey and Vesperia .

People forget they rickin' launched the console with stuff like Kameo and Perfect Dark zero of all things ! Hell dead or alive want even there at launch

The real support was from small studios produciong shmups and stuff like idol master .

Sure they tried hard , but wasted energy instead of being efficient , and too late

creatchee3520d ago

Did you just call Lost Odyssey "bare stuff"? Please please please tell me you mean "barring stuff".

Baka-akaB3520d ago

uh ? it means with the exception of good games like Vesperia and Lost odyssey Obviously

Theyellowflash303520d ago The 360 got big budget exclusives like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, and still didn't crack the market. (some of those timed exclusives)

DOMination-3520d ago

The 360 DID do well over there though when those games were first released. There was a period of several months where it outsold the PS3 every single week which nobody thought would happen.

Unfortunately, there was no sustained effort and the console ended up being largely forgotten, but those few months showed that people in Japan will buy your product if you release the right content.

The X1 so far doesn't have anything that appeals to the market that you can't just get on the PS4 though, so I'm not expecting a breakthrough any time soon.

theBAWSE3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

@dom don't chat shite the 360 hasn't outsold the ps3 for a total of 11 weeks in EIGHT years

Stop spreading your manure

DOMination-3520d ago

How about instead of insulting me, you do some research and you'll see the 360 regularly outsold the PS3 between 2007-2009 due to those JRPGs mentioned above.

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