Wii's for the skilled and serious says Team Ninja

Team Ninja's head honcho shares his thoughts on Wii, and what makes it so special.

At its core it may not be much of an extension of the GameCube, but Nintendo's Wii is so radical that it could be disastrous, said Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki, in a recent interview with 1UP.

Discussing development on the platform, the lead man of the studio behind the likes of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden said, "I think you have to be really skilled in the art [of] game design in order to make a game for the Wii."

Itagaki strongly believes that videogames are fun "because you get a big output from a small input. You push a single button and the character does something amazing on screen, but the philosophy of the Wii is to make input as big a part of the experience itself. The Wii is interesting because it turns around the paradigm of input and output in videogames on its head," he said. "On the other hand the output is reduced - instead of pushing a button to make a guy swing a sword, you have to swing the remote to see a guy swing a sword. I think in the wrong hands it could potentially be disastrous. You have to be really skilled to understand how to develop for that new paradigm."

"I think the Wii is a platform where you have to be very serious and very dedicated and a very skilled designer in order to develop for that hardware," Itagaki added. "It will be about how you can find balance for the size of input versus the size of the output of the game."

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Aubrey6386d ago

I disagree... I think that pushing buttons is boring and that's the reason I stopped playing, it wasn't exciting enough..

ChickeyCantor6386d ago

hes only saying when pushing a button you will see allot on screen.....The wii mote is not about buttons its more about movements and developers should be skilled at making games thats not about button bashing...

Islandkiwi6386d ago

I can't wait to hear the stories of people getting sore arms/wrists/shoulders, knockng over lamps or hitting their friends...

I love the Wii but I think Itagaki has a point about the programming. If it gets too repetitive you'll actually get tired and play less.

I'm just picturing people with one giant arm.
"Oh that? That's my Wii arm."

"No, the big one."

"Yeah, my Wii arm".

ChickeyCantor6386d ago

it is tested for 2 hours without getting any pain

UrbanJabroni6386d ago

Is anyone _really_ doubting the right arm/wrist strenth of any videogamer?

</duck behind counter>

silent ninja6386d ago

there are gamers who play games for 10 hours straight, how are they gonna manage swinging their arms playing games on wii is beyond me

ChickeyCantor6385d ago

you dont have to SWING.
they made wii sports just to make you understand how it works.

a lil wrist movement is n'uff even developers say so

zonetrooper56385d ago

The Wii-mote could be very good for FPS as it reminds me of the keyboard and mouse which are very fast.

ElementX6385d ago

Are they going to create Nintendo wrist support straps? I think bending your wrists back and forth for a few hours/day is going to lead to carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injuries. It's not like a 360 controller where your wrists are straight, but if you have to constantly bend... well, I can't wait to see what happens.

ChickeyCantor6384d ago

yess we all going to die with the Wii-mote =) now live with it XD


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OtterX2d ago

Strange headline, as I thought the star of the show was Super RType. I almost bought RType Dimensions EX this last month and was just thinking, man I wish we had the SNES one somewhere on Switch. That's where I got my start w the series and I was beyond excited to see it drop this week!


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