Nintendo's Free-to-Play Game is Steel Diver

Last week, during an investor and analyst presentation, Nintendo revealed it had a free-to-play game in the works, due to debut before the end of the year. The publisher also indicated it wouldn't use franchises like Mario or Pokemon for its new pricing experiment, due to the "degree of trust" that had already been built with consumers with regards to pricing. But at E3 2013, Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto revealed to IGN that the franchise his company has targeted is none other than Steel Diver.

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BosSSyndrome2006d ago

Yeahhh... everyone was reeaally lookin forward to that one...

Hicken2006d ago

I... couldn't even feign enthusiasm for this one..

CaptainYesterday2005d ago

Seems like an odd title to pick, where's my Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Harvest MMO??

RFornillos42005d ago

well it's gonna be their first and will be experimental... i'm pretty sure if things go well, we'll be seeing more. although I highly doubt it's gonna be based on Mario or Pokemon as mentioned; but then again who knows, maybe this is how Pokemon MMO will come to be.

Khordchange2005d ago

Its a start, its free so no one can really complain. The fact that nintendo is doing this is incredibly interesting though, they are starting to change their ways

mydyingparadiselost2005d ago

This seems like a great time to try a new IP instead of making the worst 3ds game F2P.

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