10 Worst E3 Trailers

Not every trailer at E3 was, as the 9th Doctor who say, fantastic. Although some of them highlighted great gameplay elements and a wonderful presentation sometimes a poor choice in music can ruin the entire thing. Occasionally the trailer simply sucks. These are what we consider the worst trailers at E3.

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Sargerus1949d ago

disagree with the Dark souls 2 trailer. That was one of the top 5 trailers of E3 for me.

AmayaAi1949d ago

I assume you are a fan of this series

CaptainYesterday1949d ago

Damn I liked a few of those..

Relientk771949d ago

I didnt even see most of those trailers lol

AmayaAi1949d ago

Simply because they weren't good enough to grab your attention.

logan_izer101949d ago

WOW! Earth Defense Force looks like utter GARBAGE!

H4all1949d ago

i waiting for killzone vita..
din't care much about the article...