Eidos Montreal narrates 10 minutes of Thief gameplay on PS4

Eidos Montreal narrates 10 minutes of live Thief gameplay on PS4 in this video from E3 2013.

Game producer Stephane Roy explains what's going on as it happens, and shed a little more light in a Q&A following the presentation.

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Blankolf1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

"As you can see with Thief we also have Next-Gen dogs" 10:10 priceless...

Destrania1952d ago

Yeah, that was pretty hilarious lol.

MasterCornholio1952d ago

Reminds me of the classic which is a good thing.

MadMax1952d ago

Waiting for this one too. I remember the old Thief, great game. Can see where Assassins Creed got their ideas from!

THC CELL1952d ago

I'd like to see nightmare creatures again, these guys should make it

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