Demonstration video Call of Duty 3

Yesterday Sony Gamers Day took place in San Fransisco, showing us some nice footage of high-anticipated new games. Here's a live demonstration video of Call of Duty 3, that will come out on almost all platforms next month.

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sjappie5892d ago

It looks really cool altough it was the ps3 version.

vettle15892d ago

it does look good but not $200 good better than the 360 version. if at all

PS3n3605890d ago

I love COD and this looks truely next gen. I hope 360 version looks this good. This is the best thing i have seen for PS# so far.

borgome5890d ago

This is gonna be sick buds. Perfect timing to, since I just finished Cod2 on veteran.

FamoAmo5890d ago

The 360 is going to be better overall guaranteed!