First look at next-gen Pimp my Ride game

The famous MTV tv-series Pimp my Ride will get it's own next-gen game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. An interview with the developers shows us some first gameplay feature, which isn't looking that bad at all.

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DEIx15x85891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

Why are they releasing this game only on the PS2 and Xbox 360? That seem like an odd combination of consoles to produce for.

likeaboss3025891d ago

Why are they releasing the game at all? Did anyone see what they did to that brand new Mustang. Horrible! We need the VW guy to raid that show and put and to the crap.

Yo Wassap5891d ago

Pimp my Ride the TV show = Great
Pimp my Ride the game = WTF where's gameplay in that? How can pimping a car be a video game?

And a reply to bpmurr:
Did you see what they did to the chevy suburban, the ford capri, the caddy... The mustange was the only bad one that i've seen. It seems unfair to judge the whole show on 1 poor episode.

Yo Wassap5891d ago

On sencond thoughts after seing the video it could be a lot worse. Some parts look like they could be fun, others might be awful. I think this game will be at most a rental for me.

UrbanJabroni5891d ago

Wit MTV/Viacom at the head of this game I predict this will have the WORST, MOST ABUSIVE microtransaction system this side of EA.

ChickeyCantor5891d ago

it doesnt matter....a human brain can be weird sometimes...even hardcore gamers would be buying this..!it would be cool to pimp a car!
just like the SIMS building your own life...( and cheat like hell)

i clicked "close" right away..just dont like it

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