Killzone Shadow Fall – director Steven ter Heide & producer Angie Smets on what PS4 tech adds

OPM: Here’s Killzone Shadow Fall’s game director Steven ter Heide and executive producer Angie Smets to talk about how the PS4′s next-gen tech has changed what Guerrilla Games can do with the series. Top of the list: better AI, more characters, and bigger draw distances and resolutions.

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NeloAnjelo2043d ago

The game will be amazing!

NewMonday2043d ago

with all the drastically different game-play they should have just made it a whole new game.

Minato-Namikaze2043d ago

They are working on one of those as well.

MizTv2043d ago

Well this is day 1 for me BUT I love kz2 and hate kz3 so they have alot to prove In my mind.

dedicatedtogamers2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Anyone else find it odd how PS4 - and not Xbox One - is launching with an exclusive FPS and several more console-exclusive ones? Kz: Shadow Fall, Planetside 2, and Warframe. Xbox One does not have a single exclusive FPS at launch.

LOGICWINS2043d ago

What about the story? I already know this I'll be a technical showpiece for the PS4, but the story/pacing is important to me.

Polysix2043d ago

gameplay is VASTLY more important to me. I can make my own damned story up in my head if I had to so long as a game is addictive and fun to play (not watch).

Of course a good story is always a bonus but is getting too much priority these days.

WorldGamer2043d ago

The KZ universe and lore really seems like it has been begging for this moment. The narrative of the world is such that you can imagine some vast areas, with large scale structures and battles to be had.

As great as the previous KZs were, I think the vision of what it could be will come more sharply into focus with the PS4.

I'm pumped about this game.