Jeff Cannata says the “PS4 controller is far better than the Xbox One controller”

Jeff Cannata only had good things to say about the PS4 controller, the Xbox One controller though, not so much.

“Let me say this, the controller for the PS4 is sublime, far better than the Xbox One controller.”

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Walker3094d ago

DS4 is the best controller ever !

hellzsupernova3094d ago

I still don't like how it sits on the trigger though. Otherwise very happy they made the handles bigger! Cannot wait to hold and rock some planetside 2!

Trading in my 360 plus 23 games (mix of 360 and ps3) for my per order tomorrow!

abzdine3094d ago

not only it's a great controller that sits well in hands but it has some great add-ons that will for sure enhance the gaming experience. I can't wait to hold that beauty.

Greatness awaits

theBAWSE3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Tho I think ps4 is the console for the new generation.. More powerful than xbone cheaper no restrictions digital and physical media cloud gaming region free upgradeable HDD basically everything xbone isn't....

I wouldn't expect psmania to say anything else but a bit of biasness

Anyway controller preference is determined by individual users not a gaming site.

NewMonday3094d ago

apples vs oranges

whatever a hande gets used to, those who started gaming with a certain type will stick to it because of muscle memory.

sony should do an official alternate DS4 like the 360 controller as a gesture to the converted XBox gamers.

kaozgamer3094d ago

hmmm wont bother me. the ds3 sits on the trigger as well

Am_Ryder3094d ago

Who says it still sits on the triggers? I assumed they'd fixed that, as it was one of the most major concerns about DS3 with the PS3. The trigger design for DS4 looks totally different and looks like the triggers won't press when it's laid flat.

joeyisback3094d ago

if ur trading in at gamestop do what i did trade in 7 games then 7 again and again because right now gamestop offering 35 extra dollars when u trade in 7 games or more it would give u an extra 70 if u do it like that

nveenio3094d ago

I wish it had the feedback in the triggers, though. Would be cool if each gun had a different trigger feel.

minimur123094d ago

your an ex- Xbox fanboy, arent you? ;) :)

FlameBaitGod3094d ago

You would get a lot more money selling them on ebay.

Rebo003094d ago

My pre-order at was £20, is that all you get for a 360+23games nowadays? lol

guitarded773094d ago

@ hellzsupernova

I have trigger extensions on my PS3 controller, which make it sit the same way. I can tell you that is has never been an issue. Hope that eases your concerns.

In general:
Controller preference is subjective. I've used every controller from the Atari 2600 jot stick, Intellivision data pad to most recently the Wii U GamePad. Real gamers adjust, or buy an aftermarket 3rd party controller for preference. Whenever I hear someone say "THIS is the best controller", I think... "for what?". Some controllers work beter for different things, but I've been gaming long enough to use whatever is available to me at the time, and not piss and moan about it.


Bro. Are you trading in at GameStop?

Army_of_Darkness3094d ago

As long as it's a little bigger than the DS3, I'll be happy cause my fingers are stretching like that E.T phone-home freak.


if youre trading in at any us gamestop,you can renew your powerup rewards card and get a cupon for "an extra 50% on all your trades". 50% PLUS the 10% you get extra because you own the card. if youre trading in a console and TWENTY THREE GAMES, damn....that extra 60% could turn out to hundreds of dollars! the coupon takes about 48 hours to get to your account though. just ask the workers all about it.

svoulis3094d ago

I did the same thing I got like 330 Dollars toward my PS4. Amazing

MajorLazer3094d ago

I like that game UI's may be on the touchpad :D I like to make changes on the fly or just looking at the map

loulou3094d ago

lol @ walker and the 139 agrees.. you aint even used the damn thing.

Bobby Kotex3094d ago

That was my only complaint with the Dualshocks, they're too damn small.

ChrisW3094d ago

The Atari 2600 controller is by far the best!

starchild3094d ago

It really does look like a fantastic controller. I use the 360 controller on my PC (and xbox 360) and the dualshock 3 on my PS3 and I've never had any problem with any of them. Still, I like the changes and improvements that they have made for DS4.

justastranger103094d ago

This guy is probably the only person on earth who thinks the PS4 controller is more comfortable. I've literally talked to 100 people who went to E3. All of them stated the X1 controller is the best.

Kurt Russell3093d ago

I hope the touchpad controls my pip boy in Fallout 4 :P

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UNGR3094d ago

It's preference fanboy. I found the 360 controller more comfortable, while being the best for shooters. At the same time the DS3 was by far the best for platformers, fighters, and pretty much anything that wasn't in the FPS category. They both had ups and downs. The weight in the DS3 was horrid, it was just too light. The 360 controller had the worst D-pad ever conceived. I could go on and on about each others pros, and cons, but it is ENTIRELY personal preference. Not to mention, when did you get your hands on a DS4? Oh wait..

crxss3094d ago

I loved the rumble triggers in the Xbone controller. If only the ds4 had them, would be spectacular.

Blachek3094d ago

I prefer the 360 controller over the ps3 one. More of a size and weight disparity for me. Excited to hold both and see how I feel this gen.

For the record, can we stop making cell phones feel lighter, thinner, and more chintsy?

CoolBeansRus3094d ago

I like the 360 controller better. Joysticks should not be next to each other like they are.

kupomogli3094d ago

I liked how light the six axis was. It's near weightless. The dualshock 3 is much heavier than the six axis.

The six axis was what the original PS3 controller was called before rumble support was added and the name was changed to dualshock 3.

SilentNegotiator3094d ago


Of course not. I mean, hands and thumb position are only symmetrical. And my Doritos-dusted thumbs keep slipping off!

dantesparda3094d ago

i have both and both are equal, its all preference, i like the ds3's weight better, i like 360's triggers better. Dpad on 360 is less responsive

KaBaW3094d ago

The problem I always have with the PS3 joysticks next to each other..
Are that my thumbs always end up hitting each other. Constantly.

Krew_923094d ago


I think you're doing something wrong then...

I have gotten a chance to play with both controllers over the years and I don't prefer a specific one. At first it's hard to get used to the Xbox 360 (and vice-versa) but then you get the hang of both.

I can handle myself in an FPS online game on both the 360 controller and the PlayStation 3 controller. I don't understand how one can say either is better for any game, when if you play with the 360 for years on end, you'll get good at any game with it, also the same with the PlayStation 3's controller.

You know you're good with both controllers when you can execute quick time events perfectly with both. LOL.

Ray1863094d ago

@kupomogli I have 3 dual shocks here that have never been played with. I caught a great deal on sixaxis's on Black Friday years ago and never switched out.

NegativeCreepWA3094d ago

Like KaBaW said, my thumbs always hit each other with the DS3, and if bend them so they won't my hands cramp up after playing for a bit or I'm holding the controller with my fingertips. Though I have long fingers and thumbs.

I really want to try the DS4, if my hands fit it better than the DS3, I would cancel my XB1 pre-order.

CoolBeansRus3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

@silent, good one. I guess i cant say anything positive about the xbox around here or i get jumped. In my personal opinion the xbox controlled is better. Im sorry i feel that way, i just do.

SilentNegotiator3093d ago

"Someone's disagreeing with me?!?! Oh noes!"


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Polysix3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

@Newmonday, that's not true at all. I had a 360 that Died on me before picking up a PS3 I had no problem (other than the triggers which needed extenders). I think humans have long ago developed the ability to hold various shaped things in their hands without their brain melting.

I also used to work in the games industry in QA constantly switching between PS2 and XBox (original, we can no longer just call it Xbox 1 - thanks microsoft) and had zero problems. I think you over exaggerate that problem.

DS4 is one sexy controller.

btw Sony would never make an Xbox style controller because they are incapable of making a D-pad as shitty as the one Microderp put in the 360's pad (And analog sticks as flappy/lose as on Xblock one's pad)

RedHawkX3094d ago

yep fact! take that you xbots xbox one has nothing over the ps4 at all. so why are you getting an xbox one?

Blachek3094d ago

Because, I like Microsoft. Hate me for it?

airgangstarr3094d ago

i think the ps4 made there controller more like the xbox one in size but kept true to there design with the sticks in the middle im jus hopin there tighter this go around they were to lose on the ps3 for me... but to answer ur question i played last 8 years on xbox so for me what was better was xbox live its so much better then psn an the controller felt right to me i never really used my ps3 that much i bought it for socom4 but they ruined that franchise... i mean my teammates that had xbox use to be in party chats on xbl while playin socom jus so we could communicate with other players who were on other gamnes... with all that bein said now that ps4 is charging they better upgrade there network because if xbox1 doesnt lift there restrcitions i wont be gettin one

maniacmayhem3094d ago

That's right, one person and one person's opinion equals FACT!

YNWA963094d ago

Redhawx... So what? Feel good? If that kind of crap is what makes you feel good in life, it says alot about it.

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Mystogan3094d ago

For every one that says DS4 is better. There are a 100 more who thinks X1 controller is better.

minimur123094d ago

okay, and when your internet cuts out for a week, have fun 'enjoying tv and watching blu-rays'

and not playing a game
because your xbox one cant when you dont have interent


airgangstarr3094d ago

its well known that the xbox controller is the best in the industry.. im jus wondering how ps4 will use the touch pad have they shown any games yet that utilize it.. but i will say that it looks like the ds4 will be a great upgrade now all they have to do is upgrade there network an there wont be much reason besides titan fall an halo to even want a xbox 1

DarthJay3094d ago

@minimur12 can we stop with the internet garbage? Anyone with a smart phone can ensure that they continue using their Xbox One offline in the event of an internet outage. Aside from the fact that I have never been without internet for longer than a day, I have never been out of cell service ever. The "check in," which by the way, thanks to the Playstation fanboy sect that are yelling the loudest about the issue, will likely be long gone before launch, is a single ping that takes a second.


schlanz3094d ago

All the press I've read seems to preference the DS4, even from people who preferred the 360 controller and/or didn't like the DS3.

TheGreenMan3094d ago

@ Mystogan

Show me the data to back up your claim. Oh that's right, you made it up.

k2d3094d ago

Who are you to judge what other people like best?

Pipe down fanboy.

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GrownUpGamer3094d ago

Excuse me but the one who decide that is better or not is me. The Xbox 360 Controller in my opinion is the best one for me available right now. Until i try the new DS4 the xbox 360 controller is the best FOR ME. NObody here/gamer or any developer is going to convince me just because he think is better.

Hi and Welcome disagrees.

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AngelicIceDiamond3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Never knew one guys opinion equaled the world lol.

Says PSmania. If there was a site called X1mania or whatever they would say the X1's controller is the best.

Come on...

saint_seya3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I have to agree with that.

Im a sony fan, and i love the dual shock, never had problems with it, and i like how it is, and i think is the best. But thats mostly because i got used to playstation joystick from ps1, and i can understand people that is used to xbox controllers cuz only had those, or because they tried both and liked more the xbox controller.

I think dualshock are the best controllers, and im right #not because its a fact, its because its to me#, and i think others may believe that xbox controllers are the best and they are right for the same reason. The best thing is subjetive to personal tastes.

3-4-53094d ago

well the 360 controller was the most comfortable controller ever made.

The PS4 hopefully fixed that aspect of the PS3 controller.

XB1 controller hasn't changed much which is a good thing.

I'm not sure how PS4 controller, could be that much better when the design hasn't changed all the much.

That is the selling point for me.

I hated dual shock and it's floats analogs and cramped controls.

If PS4 controller is comfortable and analogs seem ok then PS4 I'm buy.

PunisherRevenge3094d ago

Yeah whatever. This comparison means a lot coming from a website called PS Of couse he's gonna say the PS 4 controller is better. We need a real website to make comparisons like Cnet or something not this fanboy site.

Lvl_up_gamer3094d ago

So long as the analog sticks are parallel, the PS controller will NEVER be as good as an Xbox controller...that is just facts.

parallel analog sticks forces your thumbs into an unnatural position. This creates strain on your thumb time, you will get arthritis in your thumbs far quicker then using an xbox controller because there is ZERO strain on any of the joints in your hands.

This people is called ergonomics. Your thumbs naturally point in the same direction as your fingers...that is why the xbox controller is so well designed, it's designed to be ergonomically correct and has less strain on your joints.

Just the facts.

The xbox controller regardless of what a VERY small group of ppl think, IS the best controller on the market.

This is also a reason why 3rd party controller makers DONT make parallel controllers for the Xbox console...nobody would buy them, meanwhile every 3rd party controller maker makes an offset controller for the PS.

Just the facts ppl.

eyeDEVOUR3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Lmao...retarded statement....

It All comes down to the individual and how/what they play...period

And I've heard the argument 1000 times about how the dshock controller isnt as good for FPS games and that too is personal example is that since i have big hands i can use my lefthand index finger on the dpad too pull out a rezkit/med pack in bf3 without ever taking my left or right thumbs off of the thumbsticks which allows me to stay moving and use my camera as well...and even as big as my hands are I've NEVER had my thumbs to bump into each

It simply comes down to preference and play style....completely subjective.

k2d3094d ago

Pipe down fanboy.

Who are you to decide what other people like best.

Got no fing common sense..

3094d ago
3094d ago
fermcr3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

The X360 controller was better then the PS3 controler. It just had a better fit to my hands. Since I'm only purchasing the PS4, i hope the DS4 is much better controller then the DS3. At least through the images i've seen, the DS4 looks like a improvment over the DS3.

showtimefolks3094d ago

Better console for core gamers check
PSN plus IMO better service offer great rewards
You can still use Netflix and other media without being a plus member
Better or improved controller
Region free
$100 less
Upgradable hard drive
Cloud gaming
A lot less restrictions
Much better exclusives

Region free for me is a huge thing since I buy many gamers from overseas

Ps4 the ultimate gamers console

Abdou233093d ago

"it’s got rumble on two sides"

What ?!

Apex133093d ago

Errrrm. Stop being so gay and a fan boy. It looks great but has anyone here held or played with it or the Xbox one

fuzzyLogix3093d ago

Awesome, well if Jeff says it's better then I'm sold.

Hang on, news just in Steve who works the Deli counter at my local supermarket said the Xbox One controller is better.

The Sky's the limit.
There can be only ONE

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TheLyonKing3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I think the ps4 controller has made a bigger leap than the xbone controller.

Apparently selecting a weapon in killzone is more intuative with the swipe function so can't wait to try it. I do like the idea of rumble trigger on the xbones controller.

I will never get a chance to play the x1 one though unless a friend stupidly gets it.

TheGrimReaper00113094d ago

Eu, I'm pretty sure Killzone will still use the triangle button to switch weapons.
The touch pad will be used for you OWL, a little robot wich can do many things actually!
Swipe up = attack and distract the enemy
Swipe down = stop and come back or activate shield
Swipe right = use grapple
Swipe left = stun enemies
Tap = scan area for enemies
It's quite a usefull thing!
You swipe in a direction and then a button prompt appears on screen (L2) to confirm the order.

Blackdeath_6633094d ago

i was amazed how easily he was able to control it and how useful the owl is. i was a big fan of the drone in KZ3 multiplayer for the medic class and played only as a medic throughout the multiplayer part people always look at me and say "who the hell plays as medic and supports rather than kill everybody" and i always end up with the most kills and points