PlayStation E3 2013 Day 2 Live Coverage - Killzone: Mercenary

PlayStation Blog's Sid Shuman interviews Tom Jones, Art Director at Guerrilla Games Cambridge about Killzone: Mercenary.

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ONESHOTV23519d ago

great game bring it Sony im waiting

LOGICWINS3519d ago

How were the controls? Are they floaty or tight? GG said they've been working on fine tuning the controls since PAX.

TongkatAli3519d ago

F yeah! Sony taking handheld gaming to its limits. Very proud Vita owner.

CernaML3519d ago

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY when I got hands on time with this game. I knew the Vita had impressive hardware and all but this game... wow... just wow.. Every other Vita dev out there should just take a seat. This game was absolutely unreal.

Utalkin2me3519d ago

Was the thumb-sticks real sensitive? Or does it still have the weighty feel?

CernaML3519d ago

The controls were VERY responsive. I think I enjoyed them more than I did on the PS3!

Saladin4163519d ago

vita need a Video out feature

MGRogue20173519d ago

Watched this interview a long while ago, very informative. Guerrilla Cambridge are awesome for bringing this Killzone title to the Vita, truly going to be one, if not the best FPS shooter on the handheld. Both singleplayer & multiplayer look incredible from all of the offscreen gameplay I've seen of it on YouTube :)

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