Square Enix: Success for FFX HD could "pave the way" for more HD remakes, including FFXII

Key Final Fantasy developer Yoshinori Kitase has told RPG Site that success for the upcoming Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster titles could lead to further similar developments for other classic FF titles.

"We'll have to wait and see if these remasters are going to be successful, first," the Producer of FFX and FFXIII told us at E3 2013.

"If they do well, I think this will pave the way for more of the previous games to remade in an HD sort of quality."

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wishingW3L3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

then I hope it flops because the only FF games worthy of a remake are FF6 and 7 and both of them will never be remade anyway.

sinncross3517d ago


I would love to have FF12 on PSV. I hear the international version of FF12 is like a totally different game (due to how the changes affect combat etc).

I disliked the story and teh character were not the best, but I loved playing the game regardless. I would pick up a remaster of that on PSV.

HeavenlySnipes3517d ago

It is and FFXII International version is easily my favourite FF game

FF6 and 9 are tied for second

VileAndVicious3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

FFXII definitely had a few cons but to me it ranks among the highest of one of the best in the series (along with 9 and 6 lol)
Glad to see some XII love, it was an awesome game and seems to get a bad rep from time to time. I wish Yasumi Matsuno was still at square all of his games are epic!


YES I 100% agree lol.

bobtheimpaler3517d ago

I hated FFX. Couldn't stand the linearity and the boring story and whiny characters.

I'm actually playing FFXII at the moment and I'm really enjoying it to my surprise. FFXIIHD and FFXV actually have me interested in the series again after several years.

sunnygrg3517d ago

One of my all time favorite games. God I had so much fun playing it. The Gambit system was a thing of beauty in my opinion.

MRMagoo1233517d ago

If they do remakes of ff games i want all of them from 7 up to 12 (excluding online only) I loved 7,8,9,10 and 10 part 2, i liked 12 but i didnt like the combat as much i prefer turn based.

Jaces3517d ago

...yea, they can keep thanks. I'll take VIII and IX though. :)

slayorofgods3517d ago

FF12 is probably the most under rated games in the FF series. With all that was put into it, it blows FF10 away, it just has way more depth to it....

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Snookies123517d ago

Look man, I agree that FF7 and FF6 SHOULD be remade. However, that doesn't mean that other entries in the series shouldn't. Just because FFXII is mentioned, doesn't mean that we won't see FF7 or FF6 one day. Sure they're a longshot these days, but we can always hold out hope.

I'd love to see FF6-FF9 all remade. Not in PS4/PS3 graphics, but at least an upgrade from what they were. I'd be happy if they were on par with FFX style graphics. Regardless though, I'm buying the FFX HD remaster, and I hope it does well. FFX was an amazing game, and deserves to sell well. In fact, perhaps it'll be the push SE needs to start looking into older games in the franchise and really seeing that there is some value in remastering them.

Dasteru3517d ago


PS2 visuals in 1080p

I'd be fine with that.

I admit IX with XIIIs visuals would be awesome but it would probably take squeenix 20 years to do it, knowing them.

HeavenlySnipes3517d ago

FF7 can't just be remade like a FFXII or FFX could. Those games already feature 3d environments, and just need to be upscaled and run at a stable 60FPS

FF7 would have to be reDONE. They'd have to create real 3d character models for every character in the game, render all the environments (the PS1 game had environments that were just picture backgrounds) etc..

With all that time spent they could just make a new game. Sure the remake of FF7 would be a huge success, but its really up to SE if they want to commit and go forward with it

shuuwai3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I wouldn't be surprise IF they made FF-XIII,FF-XIII-2,XIII-3 in 4K resolution, before *thinking* of making FF-VII in HD 720P.


DragonKnight3517d ago

"the only FF games worthy of a remake are FF6 and 7"

Needs more FF8.

NeXXXuS3517d ago

I really want to see that opening sequence to the game with current gen graphics.

DragonKnight3517d ago

I want to see the battle scene during the Galbadia Garden invasion in current gen graphics. I love the part of that scene where a Galbadian soldier gets batted off his motorcycle by a SeeD with a sword.

VileAndVicious3517d ago

For some reason I never really enjoyed 8. Lol maybe it was the expectations after FF7 but it never resonated well will me. I think I stopped on the third disk back in the day.

rainslacker3517d ago

8 is definitely one of my favorites. There was a lot of charm to 9, but it doesn't get mentioned too often.:(

6 and 7 are tied for me. Otherwise there is no particular order outside of 8 being my favorite. 10 is really good, even though it doesn't rank up there as one of the best for me.

Kinda makes me sad that someone would hope for something to flop because they have no interest in it. Way to disregard the millions of other FF fans out there Wishing.

MRMagoo1233517d ago

I named my daughter Rinoa lol that tells you im a fan of 8 lol. She is 1 now and a very happy girl we call her Rinny for short.

shuuwai3516d ago

I say 7 and 9.
8 was meh, 10 so, so, 11, dunno... 12 (sigh) 13, got milk?

What about the Chrono Trigger series? Serly? Nothing in PS3, how about PS4???????????

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kingPoS3517d ago

So your saying you want FFX & FFX2 HD to fail because you desire FF VI & FF VII remakes instead.

Man... that's a whole new level of c**block there, real classy.

konnerbllb3517d ago

Why didn't they just remake ffvii. The hd remake doesn't look different enough for me to buy it. If it's five bucks digital I may pick it up.

mediate-this3516d ago

I agree with you on that, that's just a p.r move to make the mass buy the remake, ff6 and 7 are awesome, I like six better. just a better cast in my opinion

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jc485733517d ago

they don't really have a lot of games to remaster, though. Full remakes, well, that's a different story.

AP3517d ago

I can get behind 12, though. One of their best!

jc485733517d ago

I kinda wish they consider remastering Front Mission 4 and 5. They have other rpgs that are made by Tri Ace....Not very familiar with Eidos games.

jc485733517d ago

I think Front Mission has great potential to make a comeback. I really loved Front Mission 5.

Snookies123517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I wouldn't say one of their best, but definitely a great game in terms of gameplay. There was a LOT to do on that game. I sunk in about 250+ hours into my PS2 copy. The story and characters were lacking however. I didn't really care about any of them. Balthier was the best character in my opinion. Though even after 3 playthroughs, I still found the story to be lacking and rather boring.

Regardless, I'd love to see FFXII in an HD format. I'd play it again on my Vita for sure. I just hope SE sees the potential of their older games and starts remastering them. I want FF6-FF9 all redone!

rainslacker3517d ago

I liked 12. It had excellent game play. But I've played through it a couple times, and even today when looking at the story I keep wondering to myself what the hell is the motivation behind these characters. The story seems to be so disconnected from what's going on in the world.

knifefight3517d ago

Especially the international version of XII!

It changes the whole game!

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VileAndVicious3517d ago

Lol how about a remake of the original Chrono trigger? Hell even another sequel? I think I might lose my mind if that ever happened.

Snookies123517d ago

Shhhhh, we don't talk about Chrono Trigger. It was too perfect. No remake/sequel could ever equal its brilliance lol.

Godmars2903517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Please no.

Would rather see Type Zero. A Front Mission comeback - AND NOT THAT EVOLVED CRAP!

Inception3517d ago

I'm a big fans of Front Mission but very dissapointed with how SE treated the franchise :(

I mean, they don't localize FM 5, the best on the series and function as the conclusion from FM 1-4. Instead, they hire Double Helix to made the abomination FM (D)Evolved. It flops very bad and SE just...shut down the franchise T_T

Anyway, i don't think we will see FF Type-0 localization. SE even don't talk it one single bit on E3 :(

Yeezus3517d ago

This remake will be a success

MonkeyNinja3517d ago

I just wish they'd fix the horrible animations. Everything else is good. And I like how they upgraded the textures and character models. But the way the characters would turn around sometimes was just bad. Everything else was good though, at least for X. Never beat X-2.

On topic: I'd like them to do an HD upgrade of VII-IX. Still pre-rendered backgrounds, no voice. I'd buy them again.

LightSamus3517d ago

It's fairly easy to upgrade models and textures but tweaking things like animations requires a lot more work. I'd love it, but it's not really worth it in work time for Squeenix.