Is Troy Baker’s Voice In Every Game Too Much?

Super PolyPixel - That’s the question that has yet to be answered; how much is too much? Consider Nolan North, another high-profile video game voice actor who’s been in a ton of games within a specific timeframe - Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and much more. I’ll be honest, if you have the ability to change your voice throughout and not make it recognizable than I am all for it. If you’re going to repetitively hire one or two actors to almost play the same role/voice, than what is the sense of that? Nolan North was in that boat for a time. You can sit in your living room, play three different titles and you were able to pick him out of a crowd, fast.

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ginsunuva2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Scroll down to video games section.

He might be beating Nolan North. Speaking of which, where did Nolan go?????

Edit: Nope, Nolan's still winning:

IamTimO2041d ago

His most recent stint, I believe, is voicing deadpool in Marvel Heroes. He's still around!

CrossingEden2041d ago

nolan north is david in the last of us

OrangePowerz2041d ago

When I watched the credits I was like "wtf that was him?"

He was also the Penguin :)

elhebbo162041d ago

to go from drake to a side character... damn. I hope he gets another protagonist in the future.

plaZeHD2041d ago

No way man, seriously?

ThanatosDMC2041d ago

If they're part of that voice actor's group then we'll just keep hearing the same people. Same problem with funimation. Same annoying woman/man who cant get the japanese characters correctly like Kazuma/Ryuho from Scryed.

-Gespenst-2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

I'd like to hear a LOT more talent. I think the way the industry is absolutely milking North and Baker is kind of symptomatic of the way its also sort of creatively stagnating - latching onto and milking the same ideas instead of innovating, and also of how the industry is failing to reconceive what a games are, and what expectations are built into them. There's been no real effort to expand the boundaries of what a game is except in the direction of big-budget Hollywood presentation. Next to no attention is being paid to what games could be beyond the same ultraviolence, hypersexuality, and broadness that currently characterises them. We relate to so many game-worlds the same way, through weapons, with health bars, by killing and destroying. And all of this is presented and distorted in a way that's entertaining. It's so very narrow minded.

This is why games like The Witness, and Brendon Chung's games are so important.

EDIT: That said I think Troy Baker and Nolan North are fine voice actors, and I'm sure they aren't complaining about the amount of work they're getting, but still, there needs to more risk taking and exploration.

OrangePowerz2041d ago

To be fair Nolan can change his voice a lot to the degree you don't notice it's him. I also was never thinking of Bioshock when Joel was talking.

Hydralysk2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

"Next to no attention is being paid to what games could be beyond the same ultraviolence, hypersexuality, and broadness that currently characterises them."

I think pretty much the entire indie scene would disagree with you. Just out of the games I've played in the last 3 months I can name Thomas Was Alone, Super Hexagon, Don't Starve and Kerbal Space Program that doesn't fit into those categories, and they have received a decent amount of media attention.

If you're looking for experimentation in the AAA market you're barking up the wrong tree. With budgets upwards of 50 million being the norm it's no wonder publishers take the 'safe' route. They leave the experimental stuff up to small developers who won't have to lay off dozens of employees if a gamble fails.

On Topic: I don't mind Troy Baker's voice being so in demand, I didn't really mind Nolan North being in everything either. I'm sure it sucks for those up-and-coming voice actor's looking for their big break, but what I care about first and foremost is the quality of the voice acting instead of the voice itself, and both these guys are talented enough that listening to them is always enjoyable.

SageHonor2041d ago

" Is Troy Baker's Voice In Every Game Too Much? "

... lol fix that title

MidnytRain2041d ago

Oh, dang, lol, how did I not see that?

Inception2041d ago

I can't recognize Troy voices for Two Face in Arkham City, Joker in Arkham Origins, Orkos in GoW Ascension, and Ocelot in MGS V. He surely had a wide range of voices and with great acting too. So the answer is no :)

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