Can Spielberg revitalize Halo?

After Microsoft’s more than questionable reveal of the Xbox One, a great deal of controversy has surrounded the console and what it means for core gamers. Amidst the media frenzy and negativity, little notice was taken to the announcement of an all-new Halo live-action series, with Steven Spielberg himself at the helm. Following “Forward Unto Dawns” resounding success last year, Spielberg, under the watchful eye of Halo 4 developer’s 343i, will look to further enhance the Halo live-action experience

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PSVita1951d ago

They needed a big name attracted to this so basically Spielberg will drop by the set every couple of months...I mean honestly he wasn't even at the reveal.

CalamityCB1951d ago

TO be honest I don't thin Spielberg would be suitable for Halo TV/film, MS should have brought Neil Blomkamp on board.

Shadonic1951d ago

I agree He would be perfect.

SilentNegotiator1951d ago

How can he do anything meaningful with the Halo IP if he doesn't respect the source material?

Soldierone1951d ago

Most Hollywood big wigs do, so its no lie. I'm in film school, and all the film people absolutely cannot stand video games. They constantly talk about how video games can't tell stories right, or they "dont follow the rules" and then sometimes even defend video game movies because of it. One teacher even went "They can't make a good video game movie because the dynamics behind games don't work without the gameplay."

I just don't think Hollywood big wigs respect the medium yet, and it wont be a while until that happens. Look at comics. They had the same issues until comic book fans got old enough to take those jobs and make decent movies.

Evil_Ryu1951d ago

can you blame them?Bioshock and last of us are one of the few games this generation that told a meaningful story.

zeroskie1950d ago

@ Evil_Ryu

Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake. I really enjoyed these stories.

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Belking1951d ago

Halo doesn't need to be revitalized. Its already awesome.

SilentNegotiator1950d ago

It's not quite what it used to be.

But nobody wants it "revitalized" through a freaking TV show.

Belking1950d ago

Don't believe everything you read. Halo isn't being revitalized.

CrossingEden1950d ago

its not supposed to be what it used to be, its been around for ten years it would suck if they didn't try new things

FlyingFoxy1950d ago

Over-rated IMO, played 1 and 3 and found them boring.

At the time i got the original Xbox i was playing Soldier of Fortune 2 online on my PC, and back then in 2002 it was much more fun than Halo.. i seriously just found it so boring.

Half Life series is much higher quality.

Sonyslave31951d ago

I hope it on the scale of falling sky

abcde123451951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Falling Skies sucks though.

SpinalRemains1950d ago

I disagree. I find it ridiculous, but very enjoyable, and I watch it every Sunday.

Enemy1951d ago

He isn't writing or directing.

Urusernamesucks1950d ago

Thank god, let franky`o do the professional work.

CalamityCB1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I honestly think they should avoid the main story, leave Master Chief for the big screens.
10 bucks it's gonna be a firefly-esque show which follows Kilo-5 or a group of Spartans.

Also if 343 are going onto a big TV/Film quest they're gonna have to explain the backstory as easy as possible to the viewers; they have got a lot to cover.

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The story is too old to be commented.