How Microsoft Can Still Win The Console War

There's no denying that Sony blew Microsoft out of the water this year. But people are already counting Microsoft out of the console war, and giving the W to Sony. But the masses seem to be forgetting one thing: there are still five months until November, and a lot can happen in five months.

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NYC_Gamer1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

E3 is done and MS still haven't changed their anti consumer/indie ways

BadboyCivic1951d ago

Unless Sony cancel the PS4, I don't see Xbox winning

Mystogan1951d ago

Nobody saw the Wii winning...

ProudGamer1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

But wait for E3 2014?


I was being sarcastic. How many times have we been told to "wait" when it pertains to MS? I was being funny.

Relientk771951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I think those ghosts are getting to you


go eat a power pellet

edit @ above: I know, I was also being sarcastic/silly, all good fun

ABizzel11951d ago

Fix all the complaints and subsidize the console price down to $299.

But even then after all the burn its' hard for me to believe they'll "Win the console war".

For them to win after all of this they need a $199 price or lower, a competent fix for all the problems, an open apology to all their fans, incredible exclusive TV content, and great games that are given away for the 2 free XBL Gold subscription.

TheLyonKing1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

By releasing a new console and going guys guys, it was just a joke I mean xbone...... Really haha you guys ;)

Here's our real console cause we actual do care about the gamers.

ElitaStorm1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

winners don't quit and quitters don't win.

i think its good that someone like microsoft is out there putting pressure on SONY making good exclusives for us.

Otherwise the creativity of making games would have long gone

CGI-Quality1951d ago

Sony was putting out good exclusives LONG before Microsoft entered this game. Beyond that, I don't think the pressure will becoming from them, but the other way around. ;)

SkullBlade1691951d ago

You mean Xbox exclusive DRM?

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baldulf1951d ago

All that MS can do now is start moneyhatting exclusives like crazy.

But many have already learned that most of those exclusives only last 6-10 months and on the long term what matters are the first party studios.

Remember how "good" the last three years of the 360 were on that regard?

Mystogan1951d ago

Uhm which gamed they showed were timed exclusives?

All the exclusives they announced were published by Microsoft. Except for Titanfall.

baldulf1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I'm saying that MS might try to get a lot of timed exclusives to turn the tables, not talking about what we saw at E3.

But yes Titanfall is one of them, and I wouldnt bet money on Dead Rising 3 staying exclusive with Capcom's past in mind

MysticStrummer1951d ago

MGS5 is multi-plat. Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 will both end up on PS4, (almost) guaranteed.

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The story is too old to be commented.