Xbox One vs. PS4

Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

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Lord_Sloth2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Parapalegic Batman with no Kriptonite vs Pre-Crisis Superman wouldn't be any less 1 sided.

doctorstrange2960d ago

To be fair, Batman would still win that one. Cause he's Batman.

Rhaigun2960d ago

What about Knightfall Batman vs Man of Tomorrow Superman?


2960d ago
zeal0us2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

A $400 stronger console with little restrictions and requirements versus a $500 weaker console(that suppose to have "cloud computing") with too many restrictions and requirements.

sonic9892960d ago

the PS4 can do all those cloud stuff
so i will say PS 0100 for life ( if you know what i mean )

BallsEye2960d ago

my phone can do cloud stuff, I bet my watch could do, but it was not designed for it from scratch and it does not have a cloud system to connect to, therefore your argument is silly. It's like saying, I have FPS games on my smart phone, my smarthphone can do FPS games so I dont need a ps4.

AAACE52960d ago

I'm curious to see how people react to XOne's little differences! Such as the system won't work unless you have Kinect hooked up!

Rhaigun2960d ago

We know you're trying to be funny, because there is no reason you would make that comment, and still visit this site everyday. Problem is, its not funny. Go home troll.

sonic9892960d ago

look what i am saying is microsoft are making big deal out of that in game cloud computation which we all know is silly even if you are using the best compression and decompression hardware or algorithms still that wont solve the problem because networks cant transmit the data at a constant rate ( bus bandwidth ) .
and as we know sony built the PS4 hardware around gaikai cloud technology so i think in that regard sony and MS are equal ( maybe )
btw i would like to see how things turn out in the end but sony completely have the upper hand with more advanced hardware .

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DivineAssault 2960d ago

Enough with the X1 vs P4.. We all know who's going to win because its no longer debatable

Boody-Bandit2960d ago

Which is why I'm already dialing back responding to articles like this. MS will be looking up at Sony ALL next gen if they don't make drastic changes to their policies regarding DRM, online connectivity at price point.

urwifeminder2960d ago

I cant wait to play forza 5 and a next gen halo really looking forward to the release of xboxone even next gen as a whole pc games will finally move forward all multiplats I will get on pc though.

HammadTheBeast2960d ago

Good luck. While I don't agree with your choice, I hope the next halo is like 2 or 3.

urwifeminder2960d ago

Thanks Beast I will have a blast hope you enjoy your gaming action.

BallsEye2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

From article

"Used game blocking

XBOX ONE - up to publishers
PS 4 - no"

LIE - sony stated themselves (which you can read in many articles on main page) that it is up to publishers to apply DRM.


XBOX ONE - up to publishers
PS 4 - up to publishers

If you press a disagree have balls to respond and give a valid argument.

Biased article, when presenting controllers, says nothing about new trigger rumble and pressure..

imt5582960d ago


XBOX ONE - up to publishers
PS 4 - up to publishers


XBox One has DRM inside it, god damn. Imagine, The Witcher 3 will be DRM free on PS4 and PC, but not on Xbox One because console has DRM inside. Too bad!

BallsEye2960d ago

Wrong! It's UP TO PUBLISHERS in xbox one. NOTHING IS FORCED. Please check out angryjoe interview with major nelson, he actually ASKS about witcher 2 drm situation and major nelson answers- if this is what publisher want to do (not have drm on their product) then we will fully support them.


imt5582960d ago

But Microsoft forcing DRM, Sony not! And that's the difference. The Witcher 3 will be free DRM, but sorry, dude, no online check-in within 24 hours on XBone, there is no play.

HammadTheBeast2960d ago

BallsEye, are you crazy?

I saw the EXACT same interview, Angry Joe asked him "Would publishers be able to remove DRM?" And all Nelson said was "we're looking into ways to help publishers meet their needs".

doctorstrange2960d ago

Valid argument:
Used Game Blocking
Xbox One - up to publishers, but 24hr check in required on any game, will block singleplayer + multiplayer if not connected.

PS4 - online used game blocking up to publishers, singleplayer not. EA + Ubisoft saying they won't do online passes, Sony saying they won't do online passes.

iistuii2960d ago

Of course it's a lie. It honestly doesn't worry me either way. My pc iPad & console are connected 24/7 & in 10 years or more I've had my Internet down 2 Days in total. My iTunes music, steam & origin games are all mine & so will my X1 games. Welcome to the future. The only things I have a problem with on X1 are kinect, I don't & won't use it, should be optional & the digital downloads should be more like steam, a lot cheaper.

Rhaigun2960d ago

Tell this to all the service men and women who are stationed in places without the internet. Then, try to explain why Microsoft doesn't care.

koolaid2512960d ago

If you're in the service you shouldn't be playing video games lol.

nix2960d ago

iistuii, it's not about "i'm on internet always so no problem", it's about where the gaming is heading. you may have enough money to buy and stay online but not everyone is that lucky.

the "others" unfortunate ones will not be able to share games, play second hand games, play offline if MS' consoles becomes a norm.

you should actually feel lucky that xbox one is coming to Spain this year or whichever country you're living.

The_KELRaTH2960d ago

Whether or not it's up to the publishers to use DRM for copy protection that has nothing to do with the X1 blocking the use of 2nd hand games.
The PS4 does not block 2nd hand games.

WalterWJR2960d ago

Xbox blocks used games and you can't play any games without checking in every 24hrs.

Playstation does not, if you still can't tell the difference between the two then you need to read a book.

If publishers want to add online DRM to there games they can just like any game on ps3/xbox 360.

less balls more brain.

pompombrum2960d ago

Disagreed.. why because it isn't the same. Microsoft can control all elements of used game blocking if they/publisher wants.. on the PS4, Sony can only control the online components of games.

So to fix your fix:

Xbox One: Up to publishers for single player and mp

PS4: Single player no blocking, online up to publishers.

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