First downloadable content for TDU soon available

Test Drive Unlimited has been the first MMO-racegame where you can race on- and offline against your opponents. The game lets your explore the exotic Hawaii and contains over 1600 km roads.

Atari today announced that the first downloadable content for the game will be soon available through Marketplace. This pack will contain six new cars, including the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 250 GTO and Noble one M400.

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devv055886d ago

I still don't have this game since Atari is asking Europeans full price for the game (65 euro - 70 dollars) instead of 35 dollars in US. I'll wait untill the price drops.

ironwolf5886d ago

Your missing a pack o' fun.

Ronker Boy5884d ago

This game is awesome but steering the car using the stick is crap....where is the d pad option that is given with every other racing sim.

I just can't understand it, why not give us the option for both, its not that difficult to sort out is it ?

Other than that its a great game.